Monday, June 26, 2023

Building Your Author Brand With Social Media

Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.

David Alston, author.

Where It All Started

You can trace branding back to the Egyptians when they started branding their livestock as early as 2700 BCE.  

In today's world, it wasn't until the creation of Facebook that most businesses started paying real attention to the fact that the internet could open up new doorways to even more customers through branding.

Your brand is more than your logo and website, it's about how your audience feels through your consistent efforts on social media platforms.

Choosing the Right Social Media Channel


LinkedIn allows you to write articles, and enables you to connect with other like-minded professionals about your books.

It lets you connect with publishers, and other writers in your chosen field. 


Twitter makes it possible for you to offer news about your books, along with blog posts and any information you feel may be important to your readers.  


This image based platform is aimed at a younger audience who prefer videos and photos to get their news and information through Instagram stories, shopping and Instagram reels.


With Facebook you can create a personal and professional page to connect with your audience.  |Which means you can send regular updates about your books and writing along with personal information about your life you want to share with your readers.


Pin your own images from your blog and books along with those from other peoples boards to build a steady following. 


A visual blog interface that allows you to post images, links and videos connected to your writing.


Writers use YouTube to both inform and entertain their audience, sharing current news on their books and in their field, along with blog posts of interest.

How Much Content Should I Share on Social Media

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds allows you to interact, promote and distribute information about your author brand to your readers.  You promote your brand by promoting your content, curating useful information in your field and engaging your readers with a more human touch by including a little something about your life.

If you promote too much of your content your audience will quickly become bored with you and start to be less engaged.

Content Curation

Curating content is a simple task you can include whenever you post your own content.  Any blog posts you find interesting within your chosen field, post it on your social media channels.  

Business Promotion

You can do this using banners to promote your books and blog posts.  

Engaging Your Community

Keep your community engaged through consistency.  

Use a steady regular stream of blog posts, book banners and current news you think your audience might find interesting.  Draw them in with surveys and quizzes, and free book giveaways.

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