Monday, September 06, 2021

16 Resources and Tools for Ghostwriters

If you want to increase your productivity as a ghostwriter here are some tools that will help you spend more time on your craft and not as much on the administrative side which can often drain your writing time.

1. Word Hippo

I use this tool for writing all of the time.  It really helps when you can't think of a word off the top of your head, and if you're using the same words over and over again. Word Hippo will help you think of new words or replacement words without getting too stressed.

2. Fotor

Every writer has their own particular favourite tool for creating images with.  Fotor is mine.

I use it to create blog images, social media images and book covers.  Offering a wide range of  templates  including social media profile covers, logos, ads, photo editing, graphic design and more.

3. Grammarly

From style and tone, Grammarly will help eliminate errors and find the perfect words to express yourself with.  It will also organise your writing feedback to help you see how each change helps your readers understand your message better.

4. Scrivener

Great tool for creating books,helping you to map, outline, compose, research and edit all your long-form jobs.  Used by best-selling novelists, screenwriters, and non-fiction writers and more, it will provide everything you need to not only start writing but continue writing.

5. Google Calendar for Business

Use it for scheduling events by checking colleagues availability or layering a calendar in a single view.  Helps you delegate access to another user, with easy access to share confidential calendars.  With added security and disaster-recovery features which makes it easier to access and share confidential calendars.

6. Skype

A free tool for communicating via VOIP calling.  You can contact anybody from anywhere in the world, team members, other entrepreneurs, at the touch of a button.

7. Google Drive and Google Docs

Free web-based office and file sharing from Google.

A cloud-based file storage system which seamlessly integrates with file sharing and collaboration tools, with up to 15 GB of storage.  

I use Google Docs and Drive for all my work, and wouldn't be without it.

8. Dragon Professional

Made for all professionals to create high-quality documentation by voice.  This neat piece of software will continually adapt to your voice as you go along.  Will allow you to dictate 3x faster than typing, with an easy user interface to allow you to start turning your voice into text right away.

9. Evistr Digital Voice Recorder

If you want to go old school with your voice recording you can't go wrong with a dictation machine.  Evistr is one of the most popular on the market today, with easy transfer from file to computer via a USB cable.  Just press record, fast forward, rewind function during playback, a handy tool for meetings and interviews.

10. Diary or Appointment Book Planner

If you prefer to write down your appointments a diary planner is all you'll ever need. 

11. AutoCrit

With a clean interface AutoCrit offers an online editing suite that guides your hand based on real best selling books.  Just choose your genre and enjoy step-by-step interactive recommendations for improving your manuscript. Helping you produce cleaner dialogue, eliminate needless filler, and perfect your pacing. 

12. Consistency Checker

This free software will help you find mistakes in your spelling that most grammar checkers don't see.  Things such as numerals in sentences, abbreviations and numerals in the middle of sentences that may appear in different forms.

This only checks for consistency and not specifically for spelling or grammar errors.

13. Draft

A writing, editing, collaboration and publishing tool you can access online using your own browser.  Each individual contributor's changes will show up in different colours, with "accept" and "reject" options.  You can import documents from Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox, finding and reverting to previous versions of revisions. 

14. Hemingway Editor

A distraction-free writing tool that has a clear display that will help you to write and edit your work and understand where you might be going wrong with your writing, making your text more bold and clear.

15. MasterWriter

This little tool will help improve your vocabulary and prose, and enrich your writing.  With a synonym finder, rhyming dictionary, alliterations, phrases, word families, as well as a dictionary.

16. Marinara Timer

A useful time management tool used by many is the Pomodoro Technique which helps promote productivity.  In short, it stipulates that you should work for 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break, then work for another 25 minutes, and so on.

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