Monday, November 23, 2020

Copywriting: How to Hit the Right Tone

Craft the right tone across all of your copy.

Personality of a Brand, or Tone of Voice

The way we talk reflects our personality, the same applies to a product brand. 

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Brands are no different, the words they use reflect the personality of a brand.  The audience you're targeting will connect with the tone you choose, and this will help to convey the brand's consistency, character and value.  Let's dig a little deeper.

1. Consistency

In order to paint a clear picture for the reader there needs to be consistency all the way through the copy.  If the tone changes frequently, people will quickly switch off, and start to forget it.

All marketing channels, products, ads, and campaigns must have the same consistent message and tone throughout.  You can change marketing campaigns, but you can't change the brand's voice.  

That's why all brand's carry their visual identity with them, using consistent typography, symbols, colour and imagery through everything they produce.  

The way the brand looks is just as important as it sounds to the consumer.  Companies using their branding everywhere these days, from the stationery in an office, to the signs used in the staff car park.  It shows the audience and staff that the company brand has one cohesive voice.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Copywriting: How to Use Psychology to Engage, Influence and Sell

Make use of your audience's selective perception and biases to alter their perspective.

Persuasion or Manipulation?

Getting to the truth can be a huge hurdle for most humans, at the best of times.  Causing our brains to suffer from severe mental perception, biases, distortions and omissions that can clash with our reality.  This becomes even worse when we start trying to compare things such as cost, size or probability of a product.  However, for a copywriter these shortcomings can be used in ways to give your copy some extra elevation.

The following points could be seen as a fine line between manipulation or persuasion, and it's up to you whether you feel they should be used in your copy. 

Monday, November 09, 2020

12 Gifts for Writers that Will Bring a Smile this Holiday Season

Writers can be really difficult to buy for.  You think a book might be the answer, but do they have it already?  To make sure you don't get the usual notebook and pen, here is a list of smart gifts to make your favourite writer smile, or to show them how much they really mean to you.

1. The Enchanted Library: A Colouring Book for Writers and Bookworms

Colouring has been shown to reduce anxiety, enhance creativity and improve brainstorming.

2. CreativeLive Courses about Writing

Feed the curiosity and passion for writing with the latest techniques and inspiration from these writing courses.

Writing Your Story
Take Your Writing from Good to Great
How to Get Emotion Onto The Page
Get Your Writing Done

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Monday, November 02, 2020

Copywriting: Mastering the Art of Persuasion

Strategies to persuade your readers.

You don't need to be the world's greatest grammarian to write copy that sells, in this post we're going to look at strategies that will persuade your reader, while improving your writing.  Empowering you to write copy that captivates your reader to take action and buy what you're selling.

Writing great copy is the ability to write really well, and being able to connect with your audience clearly communicating your message.  

Here is a list of copywriting strategies to take your writing from good to great, and help you close more sales.  

Highlight Advantages Over Features

For no apparent reason most copywriters tend to write about the features of a product instead of the real benefits the product can give.  The problem with this is it holds no real appeal with customers.  Features are required at the correct time to show readers what's included in the product, but they don't persuade the customer to buy what you're selling.  The benefits of a product are much more credible at convincing customers to buy the product.

More commonly than not the features or technical aspects of a product end up confusing the reader, and only appeal to a select, hardcore group of consumers.

As far as copywriting goes, you need to highlight the benefits first, your goal being to steer your copy with benefits at the beginning of your copy, then go on to list the features.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Copywriting: How to Polish Your Copy

Polish your copy to make it shine.

The Importance of a Rewrite 

Ernest Hemingway said, "All writing is rewriting", he knew exactly how hard it was to master the craft of writing, and how important the rewriting stage was.

Let's take a look as some important points that will be covered in this post:

Description - Are you serving a purpose with your descriptions? Is everything explained plainly in your copy?

Individual Words - Have you chosen the right words in your descriptions?  Are your words easy to understand, or could you have used other words?

Phrases - Could you have used single words instead of a whole phrase? Is your wording obscure?

Sentences - Have you structured your sentences in a simple way? Are you using the passive voice?