Monday, March 13, 2023

How to Articulate Your Writing Voice


When you write your audience gains admittance to a small part of who you are, and gains the ability to affect a reader's mind, but all of this requires consistency.  Through consistency you become a legitimate voice, and that, in time, creates influence.

People gravitate towards the things in life that are reliable, and that includes both brands and authors.  Seeing someone act one way and change the next week is unnerving and is naturally a put off.

When you're marketing yourself your writing voice is who you are, and is the words and language you use every time you put pen to paper.  You use your personality to different effects throughout your life so why should your writing voice be any different?

The persona you market will communicate your message when it's done regularly and will offer your audience an experience so powerful they'll want to keep coming back.

Let's start by looking at some adjectives to help find your authentic author voice:

absorbing, academic, amusing, authentic, cheerful, comforting, critical, controversial, cynical, deep, down-to-earth, educational, entertaining, informative, innovative, inquisitive, inspiring, intelligent, intense, ironic, laid-back, light, luscious, magical, meaningful, modest, moral, motivating, mysterious, nostalgic, outrageous, provocative, quirky, realistic, surprising, uplifting, witty, zany.

You'll find every genre of books is filled with authors with their own particular author voice.  Each voice is unique to its owner.

Over time you'll probably find that your voice may change as you diversify and try new stories and create new books and articles.  This is only natural, and means you can change your adjectives if you feel they know longer belong to you. 

Finding Out Who You Are

You may not be aware of it but you could be using your author voice and not even know it.   If you've already set out to be a writer, then chances are you know who you are and what you what kind of a writer you want to be.

If people are buying your books and reading your blog, then you have a voice.  It might not be the huge voice that you want it to be, but it's there.

You need to be true to yourself otherwise you can't be honest with your audience.  If you're trying to be something you're not that will show through your writing and the personality people see.

The Bottom Line

Be true to who you are and keep that honesty flowing throughout your work.

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