Monday, April 03, 2023

Describing What You Write About to Friends and Family

"I'm a writer."

Who would ever think saying those words would be so hard.

In my mind when I think of writers I think of the greats like Hemingway, Capote, or Austen.

Not someone that sits day after day typing out blog posts, or even creating nonfiction books.

Silly isn't it?

Yet that's what I do.

The Critical Me

When I started writing I knew I'd be in for criticism, because it comes with the territory.  But does that mean my writing is always going to be under par?  Of course not!  

Here are some useful tips to help you talk about your writing without diminishing or exaggerating what you do.

Convincing Yourself You're a Writer

If you're suffering from self-doubt and think you're some kind of a phoney.  You're not alone, this happens to all of us at some point or other.  

At this point everything counts, because you didn't start writing for nothing.  You had a passion you wanted to pursue, and you set about making that happen.  You just need more self-belief, because no one else will.

You're a Writer So Live With It

Once you start writing you can drop the 'aspiring' part and just be the writer you're meant to be.  Every other profession, people move on and grow.

Do the same and don't sell yourself short, you've earned it.

You're a Writer

It's what you do, and how you express yourself.   And nothing to be ashamed of.

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