Monday, March 06, 2023

Marking Out Your Brand Purpose

Finding your brand purpose is harder than you think.

It's more than just a passion for writing, or making money, its about what your conveying to your audience writing is conveying to your audience, and what makes them want to purchase one of your books.

Here are some simple advantages of having a brand purpose.

Advantages of a Brand Purpose:

  • Support a belief that will give value to your readers.
  • Using a long-term strategy your brand will be more prominent to the public.
  • Using an ethos that will be used throughout your writing and will stay steadfast in your future writing goals.

Why is a Brand Purpose So Essential?

As the name suggests a brand purpose is just that, a purpose and reason why you're not just in it for the money.  More and more people are buying because they want to be part of something, an ideal, or a company's message.  


What's the Difference Between Your Brand Mission, Vision and Values?

We've looked at your purpose so let's take a quick look at what your mission, vision and values are. And why they all differ from the brand purpose.

Vision -  Where your brand is going.

Mission - How you will get there.

Values - Are what people will define as your actions along the way.

All of these are important parts of your overall brand, and each will go towards creating a purpose for your brand in the long-term.

Writing Your Brand Statement

Here's a simple formula to get you started writing out your brand statement:

Fiction Examples

I write horror that invites people to experience the heart pounding rush of fear, action and trepidation.

Nonfiction Examples

I write inspired self-confidence books that help young people overcome their self-doubt.

Choose a Brand Statement That Suits Your Own Purpose and Goal
Your brand purpose should reflect your overall goals and purpose as a writer.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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