Monday, March 07, 2022

Is There a Formula to Writing a Good Sentence?

Even though we live in a digital age where social media is there twenty-four hours a day seven days a week,, and bombarded with constant emails, tweets, messages from friends on Facebook, writing is still at the heart of this digital revolution.  People are crying out for messaging to tell them what to wear and how to think.  Much of this is done in a quiet little room by writers who can type messages out in minutes on their mobile phones, or sitting at their laptops at home.

Whatever method of communication being used, a well-written sentence is always called for.  You can experience all of these sentences through various mediums that will tell you in real-time what's going on in the world today.  Often these messages can challenge us, or tease us, or just plain confuse us with every sentence sent out.  

Sentences can be powerful, concise and bold depending on the message or story being told.  

It's also easy to pick-up bad habits in sentence writing, whether it be our own, or through other people's writing.  Most people never really take the time to see where they're going wrong, and are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.  

We think that a good sentence is based on writing perfect grammar every time, leaving out all of the interesting ways that make a sentence really interesting, and worth reading again.  

Everyday people unknowingly write bad emails, letters, advertising copy, blog posts, articles, bogged down by every grammar rule under the sun.  All the while, we're overcrowded by so much information that we forget about the very message we were trying to convey.  Yet most people struggle to put their own thoughts into words and create a really readable, comprehensible and engaging email or letter.

When it comes to talking it is so much easier to get our own thoughts out into the open, but using the medium of email or letter and the fountain dries up.

Letter writing used to be the only way to send messages to family or friends, a means whereby you could use the language skills you were taught at school, and write a concise letter.  With the invention of the internet, people prefer short snappy messages to read.  Most people have lost the art of writing altogether, and fear putting pen to paper.

Mastering the Art of the Sentence

If you want to master the art of sentence writing you need to get to grips with the fact that your audience or reader is king. You're the servant writing down the information or story to be read, and whatever your audience feels is entertainment is what you need to put into your sentence writing.

Writing is never about you, but about the reader or audience you're writing for.

If you're writing a personal diary or journal, only then are you writing for yourself, but everything else you write and put down on paper is for the reader or audience.

It's also true you're never going to please everyone you write for, but you should at least try to please some, with clear, concise, and coherent sentences that mean something to them.

Grammar might scare you, but it's essential in writing, along with a good sentence, choice of words, mixed with passion, knowledge and common sense and you have the recipe for writing great sentences.

Great writer's exist because of great sentence writing, sentences are microcosms in any text, and understanding it is understanding writing itself.  Being able to know how to emphasize the things that are important, knowing how to structure ideas and stories. 

So is there a formula to writing a good sentence?

There is no one size fits all writing is done to serve the reader, your audience.

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