Friday, September 14, 2018

How Words Enrich Our Lives

Do you like reading?

Do you find yourself browsing through newspapers, magazines, novels and non-fiction books?

If you appreciate the "written word" you probably write really well, you've taken notice of how famous writer's put sentences together. You've seen how words are spelled and discovered that there is a common pattern to writing. You've observed the complexity and beauty of words whether it be spoken or communicated, you want to use those words to the best of your ability.
A Well Written Story

A well written story can take you on a journey, make you feel like one of the character's. It whisks you off into a new world or point in time, creating an engrossing and unforgettable story that makes the world around stop.
A really good story will make you feel euphoric, lifting you high into the clouds. You just can't stop reading and want more and more. A natural high that you can only experience when you really dig into each page set before you.

Words Are Like Music

Words are similar to music, the more we learn and discover about them the more enjoyable they become. Words and music are both forms of communication, we need both forms in our lives to enrich us and build us up.


It's good to get 'back-to-basics' and remind ourselves of how we express ourselves with words. Communication can be formal or informal depending upon it's setting. Usually you can find formal writing in fields such as technical and business reports, scientific and scholarly papers, and legal briefs, the list goes on. The aforementioned cases use the current professionally accepted rules of writing.

Informal writing is more appropriate for poetry, scripts, novels, personal letters, notes, e-mail, messages etc. In these more casual settings we might want to relax the rules a bit and write directly from our hearts and heads. Things such as spelling and sentence structure still apply. The way we write and communicate with one another shows us who we are. The rules don't suddenly disappear with an email. All emails should be well structured and composed, just like any letter that is written. It's okay to be messy in personal messages.

Tell me your thoughts about how you write. I'd love to hear them.

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  1. So true, something well written can be as much a thing of beauty as an accomplished picture. Both touch our artistic roots.


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