• Do you have an idea for a book you want to publish?
  • Want to start your own writing business?
  • Would like an extra set of eyes to look over your nonfiction manuscript?
  • Have a bad case of writer's block?

I Offer One-On-One Coaching to Writers at All Stages

With over 9 years experience as full-time writer and 14 self-published books.  I can help you overcome your weaknesses, build on your strengths and help you make a living as a writer.

How it Works

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As your writing coach, I'll listen to all of your needs every step of the way, to help you achieve clarity, make progress and achieve your writing goals. 

I'll encourage you to take notes through each session, and we'll talk about your writing life and how to create a writing routine that suits your lifestyle.  Any concerns you have will be discussed throughout each coaching session.

As an experienced writer I can help you with:

  • Writing a nonfiction book
  • Making improvements to a book you've already started
  • Turning your idea into an outline for a book
  • Writing a book
  • Editing a book
  • Writer's block
  • Starting/Improving a blog
  • Blog post/Article writing
  • Establishing a regular writing habit
  • Self-publishing a book
  • Starting your own writing business

Writing is a process.

We go at your speed and look into your suggestions.  Exploring ideas and avenues on your time.  As a general rule, our meetings occur monthly.

I Also Offer

Editing services read more here.


£80 per 60 min video session.


The Power Hour

Grab your One-off 1.5 hour 1-2-1 coaching session for £120.

In this One-off session I can help you:

  • Prioritise your writing goals
  • Stay focused on your current writing projects and objectives
  • Develop a new project
  • Overcome any challenges you may be facing
  • Improve you writing through insightful and thougthful feedback

Practical Information

I use Skype for video calls.

I ask for payment before each session starts via PayPal invoice.

If a session is cancelled, your fee will be put towards your next session, and paid via a PayPal invoice.