Monday, May 14, 2018

19 Ways Grow Your Blog Traffic

My Blog Traffic Sucks!

Even the best bloggers will come across this issue at some point.  All  the hard work of starting a blog, formulating a message, then putting it out there for the whole world to see.

Then one day you wake up and find your traffic has taken a nose dive.  You're thinking, "where's my website traffic gone?". It's something that cannot be avoided.

The bane of any bloggers existence new or seasoned is always:

How do I get more traffic to my blog?

Before I answer the above question we need to understand the reasons why you want more traffic.

Is it simply that you want to help others?

Is your blog a helpful resource to other people? Or is it for the popularity?

Sharing your own experiences is all well and good but don't get caught up in the fame game.  Stay on a steady course with practical information and tools your readers will want and need.

Here are 19 ways to grow your blog traffic:

1. Leave helpful comments on other blog's

2. Write pithy blog posts

3. Blog less

4. Become a useful source of information

5. Be a regular blogger

6. Create addictive content

7. Write evergree content

8. Put your blog in order

9. Post your blog URL on search engines regularly

10. Post regularly on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Google+

11. Ask your friends to share your content

12. Write about useful things people want to read in your chosen genre

13. Make your readers smile with funny anecdotes

14. Be inventive

15. Write noteworthy content

16. Strike a chord with your headlines

17. Become search engine friendly

18. Make your content sing

19. Use "you" not "me" (write in the second person)

Let me know your thoughts on growing blog traffic in the comments below.

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