Monday, January 01, 2018

99 Ways to Promote Your Blog

How to Promote Your Blog?

Many bloggers struggle with this question on a daily basis, but the simplest answer to use the 90/10 rule.

What is the 90/10 Rule?

To put it simply the 90/10 rule means for every hour you spend writing blog content, 54 minutes should be dedicated to promoting your blog during the day.
Here are 100 tried and tested ideas to gain more traffic to your blog.
  1. Publish more blog posts.
  2. Write longer blog content.
  3. Create an email list.
  4. Become a guest blogger.
  5. Improve your blog for search engines.
  6. Leave comments on other blogs.
  7. Cultivate a blogger outreach plan.
  8. Draw attention to other bloggers and get them to share.
  9. Include "Expert Roundups" on your blog.
  10. Produce case studies of bloggers in your field and get them to share.
  11. Produce resource articles.
  12. Interview and feature owners and influencer's in popular social media groups.
  13. Include and interview owners of popular forums.
  14. Conduct a blogging contest.
  15. Begin and develop a social media strategy.
  16. Republish your blog posts on top blogs.
  17. Cross-promote with other bloggers.
  18. Share your blog content with blogging communities.
  19. Advertise your blog in forums in your niche.
  20. Write an ultimate guide in your field.
  21. Place social share buttons on your blog.
  22. Create regular infographics.
  23. Develop slides for Slideshare.
  24. Join Facebook groups.
  25. LinkedIn groups.
  26. Publicise your blog on Quora.
  27. Create interview opportunities.
  28. Get interviews from well-known Podcasters in your field.
  29. Discover new opportunities to be included in Link Roundups.
  30. Blog about key events.
  31. Publish controversial blog posts.
  32. Be more transparent.
  33. Reduce number of share buttons on your blog.
  34. Build up a following on Pinterest.
  35. Influence sound bites to increase your social shares.
  36. Get people to share and tweet your content.
  37. Seek out media and syndication opportunities.
  38. Create PDF documents from your blog posts and submit them to PDF sharing websites.
  39. Start your own Podcast.
  40. Create your own presentations and submit them to presentation sites.
  41. Make a list of power users.
  42. Advertise on Reddit.
  43. Advertise on Facebook.
  44. Advertise on Stumbleupon.
  45. Promote a blogging contest.
  46. Run a giveaway on your website.
  47. Join H.A.R.O.
  48. Join blogging communities.
  49. Develop a  free viral report eBook.
  50. Run a blogging challenge on your blog.
  51. Conduct a traffic contest on your blog.
  52. Create your own 101 list.
  53. Write your own List Roundup.
  54. Restrict part of your blog content to promote your blog.
  55. Try viral list building.
  56. Turn your blog posts into Podcasts.
  57. Create your own website themes.
  58. Build your own website plugins.
  59. Use image sharing sites to boost your blog traffic.
  60. Link your email signature to your blog.
  61. Give your readers a great mobile experience.
  62. Influence user generated content.
  63. Create a keyword strategy.
  64. Respond to top bloggers with a controversial response.
  65. Become a blogging success story.
  66. Get experts to contribute their advice on your blog posts.
  67. Refresh old blog posts.
  68. Use an SEO slug to improve your SEO.
  69. Make your blog easy to navigate.
  70. Have deep internal links to your blog.
  71. Create great headlines.
  72. Create trackbacks to your blog.
  73. Improve your SEO by linking to important sources.
  74. Invite bloggers to guest post on your blog.
  75. Pay other bloggers to write for you.
  76. Offer incentives to your blog writer's.
  77. Contact people with lists of blog and ask to be a guest post.
  78. Listen to your blog readers.
  79. Regularly evaluate your blog traffic.
  80. Learn basic SEO.
  81. Write to be scanned.
  82. Customise your blog feed.
  83. Create images for all of your blog posts.
  84. Retweet old blog posts.
  85. Find out the best time to post.
  86. Expand your blog reach with bundle offers.
  87. Create solo Ads.
  88. Use local media.
  89. Offer affiliates 100% of each sale on your products.
  90. Sell your products at a discount on promotional sites.
  91. Boost your reach with Kindle free deals.
  92. Boost your readership with hashtags.
  93. Submit your website to website directories.
  94. Rewrite old blog posts and put them on article directories.
  95. Participate regularly in Q & A sites in your niche.
  96. Get your website listed in Google News.
  97. Make sure your blog can easily be translated into other languages, by using a translator widget.
  98. Design an App for your blog.
  99. Have events in your local area and get people to visit your blog.
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