Wednesday, January 03, 2018

60 of the Best Book Cover Designers Online

Blogpost Updated 04/07/2019 

When it comes to book covers first impressions always count, especially when you're looking for potential readers.  Alongside writing your book, book cover design is one of the most important details of book marketing.  A bad book cover will most definitely mean no sales.

If you're not working with a shoestring budget and have some money to spend on your book cover here are 60 of the best book cover designers online:
  1. Reedsy
  2. Damonza
  3. Author Packages
  4. Ebook, Launch Cover and Design
  5. JD Smith Design
  6. Creativindie Book Covers
  7. Books Covered
  8. Ant Puttee at
  9. Carl Graves at
  10. Jessica Bell
  11. Cover Design Studio
  12. Robin Ludwig Design
  13. Mars Dorian
  14. Dane Low at Ebook Launch
  15. Syd Gill
  16. Alexandra Brandt
  17. Book Designer Fiona Raven
  18. Octagon Lab
  19. Scarlett Rugers book design agency
  20. Book Design by Ana
  21. Karrie Ross Book Cover Designer
  22. Streetlight Graphics
  23. I do book covers
  24. Covertopia
  25. Cover my book
  26. Best cheap book covers
  27. Hazel Lau at Kindle Station
  28. Design by Indigo, Audria Wooster
  29. crowdspring
  30. Joshua Jadon, Book Cover Design
  31. Duncan Long, Book Cover Art
  32. Junriel Boquescosa, Graphic Design
  33. Epicentre Creative
  34. Eden Graphics
  35. Kingwood Creations
  37. TS95 Studios
  38. Grace My Cover
  39. WordSugar Designs
  40. The Book Cover Designer
  41. Brandi McCann
  42. B'envenido A.Swinton Jr
  43. Sanja Gombar
  44. WSDG book design
  45. Burak Ulker
  46. Breeze Books
  47. Hudson Valley Book Design
  48. dePinho Design
  49. Sam Wall
  50. Van Garde Imagery
  51. Dissect Design
  52. Andrea Reider
  53. Dave Kessler
  54. Nico Illustration and Book Cover Design
  55. Good Life Guide
  56. Michelle Watts
  57. Fiction-Atlas Press LLC
  58. MaryDes
  59. MoreVisual
  60. The Frontispiece
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  1. Hi there 1976Write! Thank you for including me in this list, I greatly appreciate it. :)

    -Hampton of TS95 Studios

  2. Hello there,

    Thank you so much for including me in your list. I very much appreciate it! Keep up the amazing work!



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