Monday, March 04, 2024

Why Writing a Series of Books is a Smart Thing to Do

Finding ways to make money as a writer can be hard, but there is some good news.  

Writing a series, or putting together a collection of books written about the same story or same subject may be the answer you were looking for.

The Culture of Bingeing

People love to binge on just about anything these days, and books are no exception.  Alongside the love of stories, you have people with a thirst for knowledge, and what better way to satisfy both, than binge reading.

For most fiction writers it's a given.  It's not surprising that nonfiction writers produce book series on everything from real mysteries to science.

The scope for writing a series is huge, and the gains, even bigger.

Boost Book Sales

If you're in the business of writing, you need to think of ways to boost your sales, and market your books without breaking the bank.  By selling box sets or series you can find new readers while charging more per customer.  With the added advantage of selling your book series at a slight discount, instead of being bought separately.

Develop Your Readership

Readers are the lifeblood for every writer, and one of the greatest benefits of being a writer is having a steady group of followers who wait in earnest for your next book to be published.  

Through book marketing and creating a series of books you'll build up a readership that will come back again and again.

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