Monday, November 27, 2023

How to Market Your Book Using Contrasting Ideas

There is no magic formula or one size fits to marketing only options you can use on your writing journey.


As your writing develops and changes so will your marketing strategy.  At the end of the day you can only use what your budget affords.

Let's take a look at contrasting ideas that will help you market your books:

You Need to Combine Push and Pull Marketing in Your Strategy

What is push marketing?

All advertising can be classified into two broad categories: push and pull. On the one hand, push advertising aims to push products towards specific customers, while pull advertising focuses on the right people at the right time.

What is pull marketing?

Pull marketing is a strategy that focuses on increasing the number of consumers who want to buy a particular product. It often involves convincing a consumer to actively seek a product in order to get retailers to stock it. 


A combination of both push and pull marketing is required for a marketing campaign to really take off.  Both are needed to attract and draw in new readers (push marketing), and provide useful information and inspiring content to an audience (pull marketing).

Are You Driven by Data or People in Your Marketing?

Data focused marketing primarily uses data analytics to make decisions.

People focused marketing utilises articles, podcasts, and images to form relationships with the audience.

Are You Using a Pseudonym or Your Real Name?

Platform building requires, as suggested, a platform to market from, and an authentic author behind it.

A pseudonym, on the other hand, is all about hiding your real name and personality from the public.  You can advertise your books using paid for advertising and promotions.

Marketing Fiction or Nonfiction Books

Authors of both fiction and nonfiction use email lists, paid ads and promotions.  

Print, Ebook and Audio, Use Them All

If you can have your book published in three formats, this will open up new marketing fields, and enable more people to buy your book.

Multiple or Single Genre

If you've chosen one particular genre of writing it can take all of your time and energy to focus on that, and create a marketing plan to suit.

On the other hand you might want to dive into both fiction and nonfiction, and enjoy a challenge.  Either way both ways are doable. 

Free or Paid Marketing They're Both Worthwhile

Platform building is one of the best ways to attract attention to your books and writing.  You can set up a blog for free or you can pay for your own domain name and website.  Once done, you have a beacon to the world and a website that can be visited, that can hold all of your books.

Publishing houses have been using paid advertising since its inception, but the new wave of self-publishers are getting to grips with what's on offer online.  Advertising that can reach high amounts of readers often using a low marketing budget.

Book Discovery Via You The Author or  The Book Itself

When you publish your book on a platform such as Amazon, your books sales are driven by metadata, algorithms, and paid advertising.

When you market your book sales are driven by you the author using word of mouth through family and friends, interviews, and networking.

Do You Look To Future Sales Or Concentrate On The Short Term?

If you want to have lots of book sales early on, that's great, but there's one problem with that plan, and that is that it will only bring you short-term gains.

What you need are long-term gains through your marketing efforts.  In which case you need to be publishing books regularly and creating your own library of books for people to read.

Use Marketing That Suits You

Over time you'll start to gain more confidence with your marketing efforts and each book you publish your marketing activity will evolve and change, along with your bank balance.

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