Monday, December 11, 2023

The Essentials for Book Marketing Success


Marketing starts even before our books are published.

Heather Hart.

An eye-catching book cover, knowing who your audience is, and a good quality book are the essentials needed for book marketing success.

So let's dive straight in.


An Eye-Catching Book Cover

You can look through thousands of book covers on Amazon, ask yourself which cover hits you first?

If a book cover catches the eye first-time round people are more likely to gravitate back to that book.  That's how imperative a book cover is to the marketing process.  The style and symbology you use can be utilised throughout your banner ads, and will make or break your book sales.

The best way to create a book cover is to look at what other authors in the same genre use for their covers.   You'll see a lot of the same repeated themes and styles,and go towards selling a book.

Self-publishing allows you total control over the whole publishing process and enables you to change a cover if it doesn't sell a book.

Knowing Who Your Target Market Is

This is one of the toughest parts of marketing, knowing who your target audience is.  If you can master this then you're well on your way.

You can find your target audience by:

Choosing the right category for your book

When you upload a book to Kindle for publishing you're faced with specific categories to put your book into.  This can mean the difference between your book being lost in the pile or someone discovering it under the correct category really quickly.

For both fiction and nonfiction authors, it can be a tricky one to fathom if you're new to self-publishing.  One of the easiest things to do is to look at what similar authors have in their best seller rank at the bottom of the page.  Kindle Publishing allows you to put your book into three different categories to help customers find your book.

Discover where your readers hangout

This could be writing related blogs, forums, or health and fitness blogs. 

A Good Quality Book

Today's market for readers is full of author's, each one wanting a piece of the pie.  So it's vital that your book is of a high standard and able to compete in such a busy market.  Remember you want to give your readers the best experience possible, which means you need to spend the time going through the finished product, or hiring a professional editor to work through what you've written.  

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