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Why You Need an Amazon Author Page

Wanna be a success? Promote, promote, promote!

Lynette Phillips

Out of all of the free marketing tools out there Amazon Author Page is one of the best.  With Amazon you have access to millions of people who are looking for new books to read everyday.  Strangely enough it's one of the marketing tools that is so often overlooked. 

Why You Shouldn't Overlook Your Amazon Author Page

This page is overlooked by many authors, and is clearly a chance to showcase who you are, and what you're about as a writer.  Most people are curious and want to know something about who the writer is they're buying a book from.

Which makes the Amazon Author Page a missed opportunity by many writers.

Why You Need an Amazon Author Page

  1. You can direct people to your website and other projects.
  2. People can follow you by simply clicking the "follow" button on your profile.
  3. Your other books will be laid out for the world to see.
  4. You can add videos about your books or from your blog.
  5. You can add your blog URL to your author profile page.
  6. You can tell people what you're about.
  7. You can show people that you're a real person and your writing should be taken seriously.

All Under One Roof

Kindle Direct Publishing enables you to get directly into your author page and marketing if you want to place advertising on Amazon.  

Optimise Your Author Brand

First impressions count, and even if you don't have a website you still have a marketing tool to display your books.  Which makes your Amazon Author Page all the more important for your author brand.

Quick tips to make your Author Page standout:

  1. Craft a well-written bio for your readers.
  2. Create your author persona with an up-to-date photo.
  3. Include your blog URL.

Don't Neglect Your Amazon Author Page 

If you're a self-publisher and in charge of your own marketing I would highly recommend you create your Amazon Author Page as soon as possible.  

Remember it may be the difference between someone making a sale or turning away.

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