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How Book Bundles and Box Sets Will Help Market Your Books


Publishing your books in a bundle or set is a great way to market already published titles as well as new ones.  And will help bring in new readers as well as extra revenue from your books. 

For many authors, this may be an untapped source of income that should be looked into, and tested.

Let's take a look at what book bundling a boxed set is.

What is Book Bundling or a Boxed Set?

A thing of the 70's, and mostly used by fiction authors, and much sought after form of reading.  Boxed sets started up again when ebooks started to get really popular in 2010's.  Usually sold at a cheaper price than buying all of the books separately, it's still a popular tool for authors to sell more books. 

Why Create a Book Bundle?

Book bundles present the customer with a full set of books cheaper than their single counterparts.  It's also a useful psychological tool to draw in readers to your books.  Everyone loves a bargain!

If you're publishing on KDP and are taking part in KDP Select, you'll discover more reads with such a large amount of pages on offer to the reader, just by downloading a book bundle.  

Tapping into the Binge Reading Market

There are a lot of readers out there who love binge reading books by the set and not just a single book at a time.  People will binge watch TV so why not do the same with books?  For any author fiction or nonfiction it's definitely something worth looking into.

Book Bundles = More Revenue

Book bundles, as I mentioned in a previous paragraph, will make you more money than trying to advertise just one book at a time.  With more revenue and more scope for discounting.  It's also a great way for someone to remember you, because they've read a lot of your books in one sitting.

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