Monday, May 15, 2023

Choosing Your Author Brand Colour

Gone are the days when all an author had to do was provide a headshot on the back of a book.

Today people expect a lot more from their favourite author, which is why you need a platform to sell your books from and a colour palette that represents your writing personality.  The palette you choose must be recognisable within seconds to let your readers know who you are and what you stand for.

Do's and Don'ts

You may have noticed that some authors use the same font style and colours throughout their books and website.  This can work, but takes a bit of artistic flair to carry out through to every book published.

Look at Similar Authors

It helps to look at what other comparable authors who have produced similar books to you to paint a clearer image in your mind about how you want your author palette to look and feel.  At the end of the day you need to be comfortable with what you produce and how you look, and believe me there's nothing worse than an image that just isn't you.

Search for Images in Your Genre

Image searches bring up a lot of different images that can get you brainstorming.  You can also create book covers, website headers and social media images through platforms such as Fotor or Canva.

The Power of the Right Brand Colour and Image

Whatever you choose its going to be with you the rest of your writing life, so you might as well get it right now so you don't have to change it later.   

Big corporations like Disney, Coca Cola, Pepsi have all carefully chosen their brand colours, font and image, and have made their brand memorable.  

Be Consistent With Your Colour Branding

Consistency is the key to branding and writing.  If you're on a number of different platforms your profile image, along with your author branding should follow you everywhere.  

You'll discover that your readers will quickly pick up on your profile image and branding and will know that it's you just by your colour scheme and font.   


Your online personality will also become tied with your colours, this is how strong author branding is.  You'll find that people remember colours more than they remember the name of a book or person.  

Using Your Author Branding Colours

Everywhere you place your profile image, your author branding follows.  From your website, social media, to your Amazon author page, it shouldn't change.  

You can do this by using the same title header throughout.  Click here to see my twitter profile and header image.

Your Website

The best place to start is on your website, it's the location where all of your work originates, and the best place to get your branding right.

Combine a simple small image into your blog's header title, like mine, to show your audience what your blog is all about. 

Here are some other website examples of clever author branding:

Your Social Media

Your community starts with your website and social media, it's also the best place to share images from your website and books.  

Every post you publish will be done in your own particular style and will let the world know it's you and no one else.

Your Book Covers

The same colour palette can work really well on a series of books, and a lot of thought is needed to give them an individual flair that will catch your readers eye.  

You can use similar colours and fonts that will match up with your author brand colouring.  When this is done you become notable.  

A Stronger Author Brand

Your signature colour together with your font will build a strong striking brand.  Remember to take your time and figure out what suits your writing personality. 

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