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Reaching Your Reader's Through Your Writing

Good writing is good conversation, only more so.

Ernest Hemingway.

From a very young age, we've all been taught to write in a formal manner.  In the age of technology and social media this form of writing has become outdated and out of fashion.  

Writing formally means that you're less likely to sound like yourself and more likely to sound like a robot.  

Communicating Clearly

All language, spoken or written, is designed to get across thoughts and feelings in a relatively easy manner.  Children are the best example of this because they speak freely without any barriers.

From a very early age children learn and discover communication skills that will gradually develop through their early years, and become more established as they get older.

So why is communication through the medium of writing so hard?

Conveying your thoughts through the written word is a skill in itself and takes a while to master.  Conversational writing is a skill that requires cultivation and lots of practice.

Speaking Vs. Writing

There are noticeable differences in the way we talk, to the way we write.


Speaking is an act that is spontaneous, and leads the person talking to deviate from normal sentences.  Instead talk in partial sentences, that sometimes don't make much sense.


Writing, on the other hand, uses our own personal vocabulary and knowledge of grammar and punctuation to put our point across.  

When thoughts and feelings are expressed on paper, facial expressions are lost, and replaced with clearly articulated words.  

Why We Should Use More Conversational Tone When We Write

Conversational writing has its place, but it's not always the best form of writing.

So let's get back to why we should write in a conversational manner.

Conversational style writing fits in well with today's internet writer's because of the more casual and relaxed tone used to connect with readers. 

In other words it's an effective way to write if you want to reach as many people as possible.  This informal style brings out the writer's personality, and encourages trust with people. 

Here are some quick tips on writing like you speak:

Create Easy-to-Digest Length Paragraphs

Long paragraphs can often be difficult to take all in one go.  Instead create shorter, easy-to-digest length paragraphs for your audience.

Is Your Writing Readable?

Readability level of the average person is that of an eighth grader.  Keep your language simple, no long or complicated words, and you can't go wrong.

Make Your Writing More Personal

Writing like your in full conversation using "I" and "me" will connect with your reader more quickly than in a formal tone.

Start a Sentence With a Conjunction

Conjunctions such as 'but', 'nor', 'for', 'so' would be frowned upon in a formal English language setting.  But not in this case, conjunctions make your writing sound more captivating, and less boring.

Don't Get Too Carried Away

It's easy to sound too casual when you write, so don't get carried away, and always stay professional with your writing.  

Always edit your work before you publish, checking for grammar errors.

Your objective is to be more conversational, enabling your readers to understand your message without being swamped in your writing.

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