Monday, May 22, 2023

Dressing for Success as an Author


Branding is all about image and how you portray yourself to your audience.  

Your author image is important, and can really help you market your brand and make more sales when it's done properly.

Your unique style and dress sense should create an image in the mind of your audience and be powerful enough to know, unmistakably, that it's you at book signings and events.

Here are some examples of authors with a particular clothing panache:

  1. Mark Twain - Everyday suits and bow ties.
  2. Terry Pratchett - His signature black hat.
  3. Barbara Cartland - Pretty in pink.

Why You Need to Choose Your Author Clothing Style

  • Your style should make you stand out at events and book signings.
  • Your style will help create the right impression for your books and writing, whatever chosen genre.
  • Your style will help you adopt your author persona, and make you less shy at events.
  • Your style will help bring in new readers, and people with a similar sense of style.

Choosing Your Outfit

What kind of clothes do you normally wear?  Is your style classic, contemporary or bohemian? Do you prefer glitz and glamour or plain and bookish?  I prefer the latter because it's what I feel the most comfortable in.   

You can make yourself more distinctive with accessories, like hats, scarves and jewellery.  But make sure you keep your style consistent whenever you do events or signings.

Be Yourself

The most important thing is that you be yourself.  There's no point in wearing something you're going to feel uncomfortable in.  Find your own style, and be you. 

A lot of fiction authors opt for cosplay, others find simple things like scarves, gloves, hats and jewellery as a means of expressing their own brand.

Use your author brand accent colours and create a uniform that will follow you wherever you go.  Use your imagination and dress like a character in one of your book's.  The sky's the limit!

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