Monday, March 27, 2023

How to Create Great Titles for Your Writing


A great title is there to engage and inform an audience.

Titles Can Achieve Many Things

The role of a really great title can:

  1. Explain what you're writing about.
  2. Set the tone of your writing.
  3. Tells the audience they're reading something of value.

Simply put the title explains an idea, sets the tone, and gives the reader something useful.

All three things are taken into consideration before the audience starts reading.

So with that in mind let's take a look at the different kinds of titles you can use in your writing.


An explanatory title just describes what you're writing about.


Writing for Beginners

Often not always the best choice because they don't sound that exciting, but the format is really straightforward and always a favourite for writers.

Problem Solving

This kind of title offers the reader some kind of skill or expertise that may help in achieving a goal or carry out a task.


A Step-By-Step Guide to Copywriting

A practical title that is ideally suited to solving a problem and offering a solution.  


An informative detailed way of telling your reader something they need to understand.  


Why Writers Need to Read

This offers the writer the chance to lead with their own opinion.


A question title offers a query or problem the reader might have.


What Are the Best Writing Tools?

Internet searches are all about asking questions, so this kind of title is well suited for online content.

Instruction or Command

An instruction/command title is a guide for the audience.


Learn How to Speed Read


The list conveys to the reader that there will be a set of related items, or single details of a particular subject.


10 Things You Can Do to be a Better Writer

Final Thoughts

When thinking about what title to use, remember that the goal is to grab your reader's attention.

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