Monday, February 06, 2023

Establishing Your Brand's Values

Writing has come a long way since the days of Jane Austen, and people want to know what a brand stands for.  Over the years you may run different marketing campaigns, but your author brand should never change.

People are looking to connect with their favourite authors and writers through social media and websites and this happens through engagement and can create  a powerful bond between author and reader.

Through thick and thin your values will stand, but finding your brand values can be a little bit challenging if you're not that sure of what it is you stand for.  

So how do you define your author brand values? What makes them so important, and where can you search for inspiration?

What Are Your Author Brand Values?

As an author and writer you need to look at what is most important to you.  Ask yourself what matters to you the most?  

Here is a list of values to get you thinking:

Honesty, Education, Reliability, Empathy, Accessibility, Imagination, Authenticity, Entertainment, Satisfaction, Influence, Impact, Security, Boldness, Integrity, Challenge, Joy, Excitement, Kindness, Simplicity, Leadership, Stability, Expertise, Success, Learning, Fairness, Openness, Competency, Flexibility, Optimism, Creativity, Focus, Optimisation, Curiosity, Fortitude, Originality, Truth, Freedom, Trust, Friendliness, Perseverance, Warmth, Dependability, Positivity, Discovery, Quality, Wisdom.

Simple tips to help you discover your author brand values:

What Matters to You

Write down the values that are the most to you in life and base your decision off your list.

Recognise Your Competition

Look at other authors and see what matters to them.  It's good to know what people are gravitating towards when it comes to brand values and may help you figure out which values mean the most to you.

Look at How Your Audience Sees You

See how people are perceiving you online, you may be surprised. 

Be Consistent

Be consistent in your author brand messaging

If you're still unsure you need to ask yourself which values matter to you the most?  Choose about five, any more than that and you'll water down your brand. 

You might find it easier to use the things you most value as your author brand values.  This way it will seem more natural and they won't come into conflict with each other, and you'll appear more sincere and honest to your audience.

Applying Your Author Brand Values

Although it might not seem that obvious, you should always live up to what you preach.  Any situation or decisions you make should all be made with your brand values in mind.  

If you're a nonfiction writer all of your values should be carried over into your books, blog posts and social media. 

Important note:  Don't preach or ram your values down your readers throats, instead use them as a guideline and keep your brand message consistent in everything you do.

Avoiding Future Mistakes

If you choose values that are different from what you believe in your private life you're likely to come a cropper along the way.  

It will make you appear stronger and more persuasive if you use the same values you cherish in real life alongside your author brand.

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