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Author Brand Archetypes - Which One Suits You?

A large part of branding yourself as an author is choosing your brand archetype.  This is a template that is used in both the writing  and business world to help authors connect with their target audience.

Writing is all about identifying with your audience and being able to tap into their emotions enough to get them to buy your books.  People tend to use their emotions when deciding on what to buy, which makes brand archetypes even more important in the marketing process of books.

You start bonding with your audience when you create a brand they can connect with.  We're going to take a look at why author branding archetypes are so important and why you should use your chosen archetype all of the time.

Definition of Brand Archetype

A universally recognisable, innately understood character type or role that a brand can embody.

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Why Brand Archetypes are the Foundation for Author Brand Strategy

By creating a brand strategy you can create a unique story to sell to your audience that will help your author brand stand-out from the crowd.  In a world that is full of so much noise you can make your brand archetype as emotionally appealing as you want, and show that you really understand your readers as well as their pain points.

Brand archetypes embody universal characteristics that will help your readers see your ideals and personality, and will help reinforce your author brand identity.  Discovering your brand archetype will help you market your books and your brand much more easily, and will give you an edge over your competition.

By Employing a Brand Archetype Your Messaging Will be More Consistent

Once you've established your author brand archetype you can make your social media messaging more consistent by asking simple questions like about what your brand personality would be, for example, "What would The Magician do?"

All marketing campaigns rest on consistency, this is how you build trust and loyalty with your readers.  Your audience puts its trust in your reputation as a writer and this rests on your brand, which is just as important as the books you write.

What are the twelve author archetypes?

The archetypes are based on a system that was created from a work by psychologist Carl Gustav Jung.

Use this list and see which archetype fits your personality the best.

1. The Mentor

Known for being knowledgeable, articulate and wise, the Mentor teaches and guides people while seeking the truth.

2. The Magician

Known for being imaginative, creative and visionary.  Has the ability to transform situations and objects for an audience.

3. The Jester

Known for being carefree, joyful and living in the moment.  The Fool loves entertaining people and has a particular skill for promotion.

4. The Ruler

Known for his power, stability, fairness, and responsibility.  The Ruler is fair and competent in just about any situation, and is able to manage his business and social media with ease.

5. The Lover

Known for her glamour, passion and magnetism that is centred on making her audience feel good.

6. The Outlaw

Known for his love of freedom and nonconformity, and his ability to express strong opinions.

7. The Explorer

Known for his restlessness and love of travel, and uses every chance he gets to explore his surroundings and the rest of the world.  

8. The Creator

Known to be artistic, imaginative, and have an authentic personality.  Has an eccentric streak and loves producing unusual innovative work.

9. The Nurturer

Known for her care, compassion, and patience with others.  She will always take the time to be patient with those she comes into contact with, and is always kind and supportive.

10.  The Girl/Guy Next Door

Known for being sincere, reliable, empathetic and friendly.  Has no problem talking to people that come in contact with Girl/Guy Next Door.  

11. The Hero

Known for his skill, success and efficiency.  Will triumph in hard times and be successful against all odds.

12. The Innocent

Known for being young at heart, enthusiastic, optimistic and trustworthy.  

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