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How to Market Your Affiliate Links


Promoting your affiliate links gives you the opportunity to highlight the benefits of the best products you have on offer.  Which means you can be really creative with your message, and help people at the same time, using a message your audience will really love.

With this technique you'll be able to optimise the use of your affiliate links, and make more sales.

So let's get started.

How to Promote Your Affiliate Links

Plan Your Content

Create a need for people to use your products and books by offering something to your audience you know they will use.  Show that your products are valuable by:

  • Writing a hook that will pull in your audience from the very start.
  • Writing a catchy headline that draws in your readers.
  • Talk about the problem at hand.
  • Provide the solution.
  • End your article with a call-to-action.

Provide a Comparison 

Compare your products to other products on offer, mentioning any discounts and how reasonably priced your product is compared to the competition.

Find Similar Products and Highlight Your Products Best Points

Write a comparison with a similar product currently on the market.  Do your research and run a comparison between your own products and your counterparts.  Bring out all the good points of what your product has to offer, and let your customers know how reasonably priced it is compared to the current market's bestselling competitor.

Cheap and Cheerful Isn't Always the Best

If your product isn't the cheapest don't panic you can show all of the key benefits it provides.  People like to hear the truth when a company is being transparent about what it is they're selling. 

Use Unique Wording in Your Call-to-Action

People tend to use the same lines over and over again when calling people to click on their links.  So here are few inventive ways of drawing people to your call-to-action:

  1. Yes, I want X!
  2. Snag/Grab/Seize/Score/Gain X Now!
  3. Start Your Journey Toward X
  4. Activate X Today!
  5. Sign me up
  6. Buy Now!
  7. Buy while stocks last
  8. You're Running Out of Time!
  9. Add to Cart
  10. Treat Yourself Today
  11. Grab It Today
  12. Add to Wishlist
  13. Get Your Free X

Give Them a Reason to Buy

Tell your audience why your product or book is so valuable, and is like nothing else currently available today.  

Let people know:

  • Why your product will save them money, make them healthier or fitter (you get the idea).
  • By writing a scenario and telling people how they can use your product to solve their problem.
  • Show people how your product is up-to-date with the newest trends.

Instill a sense of urgency with your readers to encourage them to buy.  These are all tactics used in today's world, and are known to work over and over again.

Create a Sense of Excitement Around Your Products

Write your content and fill it full of optimism and enthusiasm, let people know let people know that what they're purchasing will give them confidence, or strength.  Start by making a list of all of the positive benefits your products and books will give to the customer.  In some cases it might be life changing.

Stay clear of negative words and phrases, and only focus on the good points.

Places to Post Your Links

Use Industry Forums, Affiliate Forums and Social Media Groups

Find news and fresh topics to chat about in industry forums and social network groups.

Just remember spamming isn't good for your website or brand, so instead look to solve other people's problems with your products.

Find new opportunities in affiliate forums, and learn new tips and tricks from like-minded affiliate marketers.  

Use Paid Ads

A lot of affiliate marketers prefer to draw in their audience through paid ads in companies like Google Adwords.  You can use the same kind of advertising technique on websites like Facebook or Twitter ads.  Use your analytics to find your audience demographic.


Use keywords to optimise your SEO and draw visitors to your landing or site homepage.

Use Social Media Channels

If you're already on social media you should have a pretty good idea of what kind of audience is following you.  This will help tailor your posts and will help you target your audience.  

Use Email Marketing

Reach your regular subscribers by adding in links to your emails.  You can add affiliate links to your books alongside other products you have on offer.  Just make sure you let your subscribers know they are clicking on an affiliate link.

Final Note

Don't pressurise the customer, keep your message simple and to the point, and don't bamboozle your audience.

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