Monday, December 19, 2022

The Best Affiliate Partners for Writers


It doesn't matter what kind of writer you are because affiliate marketing offers an extra means of income to anyone that is willing to go to work and make a living out of the internet.

By promoting other people's products and services online you can make extra revenue on top of what you're already earning with your books and other writing gigs.

All you need to do is sign up to the program's you think are the most suitable to your brand, after they've approved your application you can start placing banner ads and other links all over your website for your new readers to click on.

So let's dive into the most popular affiliate partners for writers.

1. Impact

Impact was created to link advertisers and media partners, allowing them to communicate, track performance, develop relationships and generate reports more easily.

Impact has developed a marketplace and platform that offers their affiliates training and guides them through best practices, enabling brands and bloggers to connect with each other smoothly.

Impact offers connections with well-known brands such as L'Oreal, Lenovo, Adidas, Levi's and more.

2. CreativeLive

Writer's and artists looking for extra income will find a wealth of talented people that have already created some of the best-selling educational videos online today.

Not only can you create your own videos and sell them, but you can also find videos focussing solely on education, photography, crafting, music, business and training to get you started.

3. Coursera

Coursera offers affiliates a variety of fields that are highly marketable.  Everything from business analytics, programming, writing, design to psychology.  Offering courses for beginners and those looking for a more advanced level of learning.

All courses on offer are from reputable universities and those choosing to enrol on a course will even receive a completion certificate.

4.  ClickBank

ClickBank has been on the go now for nearly 25 years and is still one of the most trusted global partners for product sellers and affiliate marketers.

It offers affiliates over 4,000 products in its marketplace, and groups each product by category and in alphabetical order to make the experience simpler.

Popular website niches such as home and garden, health and fitness, arts and crafts, writing and books are well catered for.

5.  Amazon Associates

Possibly one of the easiest options if  you're just starting out as an affiliate because they sell just about  anything on their website, and are hard to beat for speed and delivery of products.  Having such a huge customer base worldwide, and allowing authors the opportunity to make commissions off their own books, which is another incentive.  

The beauty of the Amazon link is that it opens the customer to an Amazon website, which means any link on your website the customer can buy whatever they want and you get the commission on every item purchased.

Their commission rate is lower than most other affiliate programs but depending on the product category can be anywhere from 1% to 10%. 


Affiliate marketing is a thrill ride that will give you the option to earn extra income on top of your books and services, that only requires that you sign up.  You can try out as many affiliate partners as you want, and test out and see which ones suit you best.  

What you want to do with your website is in your hands, but you have an enormous opportunity to promote someone else's products or books, and even your own, when you start affiliate marketing.  

Try and test your affiliate products on your audience and see what works, and the world's your oyster!

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