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Ideas to Drive Traffic to Your Website and Affiliate Links


You've set up your website, your SEO is in place, now you have to work out how to attract visitors to your site to make some money.

We're going to take a look at some tried and tested ideas to drive traffic to your affiliate links and website.


If you're more of an introvert than an extrovert, and don't mind getting in front of a camera, this has been a proven way to effectively gain followers and traffic.  For some people this is their main focus, and it really works.  

Think about a weekly or monthly podcast to tell your listeners about updates, news and other useful information.  You can do this by creating a YouTube account and embedding your videos on your website.

Leave Useful Comments on Websites in Your Chosen Niche

Look at what other commenters have said, and add your own thoughts to current conversations.  Make your voice known within the industry.

Use Old School Methods to Promote Your Website

Digital marketing is what most people use, but don't be afraid of using old school methods like business cards, flyers, and posters.  This may work in your favour if you're promoting something useful for the local community.  You could even ask local businesses to put your posters and cards in their cafes and shops.  

Interview Your Favourite Bloggers

People enjoy reading stories from their favourite bloggers, and people are always looking for useful tips that might help them gain more traffic.  Email your favourite bloggers and ask them if they wouldn't mind being interviewed, not only is it good exposure for their brand but it adds extra kudos to your own.

Offer Customers a Referral Program

If people know a product or service is good they'll have no problem signing up to a referral program, which in time will boost your traffic and visitor numbers.

Entice Your Audience With Giveaways

You can create your own free product to give away or use a company that offers free promotions.  Both of these can be done alongside an email marketing campaign, and could be a free chapter of your new book, or maybe you have an online course you want people to view.

Utilise Your Product Reviews and Comments

Once you've created your book or product you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for any good online reviews and comments received.  You can really leverage these comments and reviews on social media, and catch people's attention to get the word out about how good your product is.

Free Classifieds

In a world driven by the internet it may seem a bit strange to some people that classifieds still exist, but these free advertising sites offer a world of opportunity for anyone wanting a simple free way to promote their business.

Use a colourful ad and upload it onto the platform and discover new clicks to your website all through free advertising.

Bookmarking Websites

The internet is full of bookmarking websites and they cater for every kind of business and need. You can use them to post as many of your blog posts as you want.  Most of these sites are free to sign up and have thousands of visitors waiting for new posts everyday.

Business Listings and Directories

The more links you have out there the more chance you have of being found.  Look for articles relating to business directories and you'll find a list you can really get your teeth into.  Most of the sites offer free listings so there's no need to worry about cost.

Share/Follow Buttons

These handy little buttons can be found on most websites and allow your followers to spread the word about your website, which makes them a really powerful tool in your affiliate marketing arsenal.  You can place them anywhere on your website if you choose custom buttons, and they'll provide your visitor's a means of following and sharing your posts and products.

Social Media Platforms

If you haven't got a weekly plan made out it's a good time to start, social media will spread your articles and products like wildfire and bring in followers from the far corners of the earth.  

By setting up a simple weekly schedule you can reach thousands of people, and bring in lots of business, and it's all free.

Write Your Own Book

Books are a great way to reach people and allow you to be more creative with stories and information. There's still a market for books and self-publishing through Amazon can really get your name on the map.

A lot of businesses include extra free documents or information that links back to their own website.  You can build your own library of books and leave a legacy of work if you want to.  That's the beauty of writing, not to mention selling your books with affiliate links attached which is an extra bonus. 

Guest Post on Other People's Websites

Guest posting has become a big thing for writers and bloggers alike.  It allows you to reach out to other companies and post on bigger more well-known websites.  Which opens up to more traffic and ultimately more sales.

Answer Questions

Quora and Reddit have become mammoth sites for answering people's questions, allowing thousands of bloggers to build their traffic.  Don't sell to your readers give them useful information and the relevant links to your site and the rest will follow.

Email Lists

You can create as many of these as you like, including free downloads and offers you might have going on.  Emailing is still popular and can still draw in enough people to keep them interested, all you need to do is keep the fire going.

Build Your Own Website

While there are plenty of places to put your articles there's nothing better than having your own platform you can manage and draw people to.  From your website you can build authority, create regular content and deal with everyday things people are interested in while you weave affiliate links into your blog posts and pages.

Make Your Links Clearly Visible

Some people choose to fill their website full of affiliate links, and they can seem a bit top heavy.  The subtle route is best, you simply create pages and blog posts that are specially made for the purpose of selling products. You can include affiliate links through your own books onto Amazon, and other banners or products you feel useful.  

These ideas can all be used and you'll see over time which works the best for you and your affiliate business, and you can really start to tailor your success to make more money. 

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