Monday, November 28, 2022

How to Really Make Money With Your Affiliate Links


While it's true that you can make money from your affiliate links, the amount of money an average affiliate marketer earns can be a bit more difficult to determine.

Like anything in life it takes time and effort to make a real impact and real money from anything, and affiliate marketing is no different.

We're going to focus on some useful tips that will really make money with your affiliate links.

Pick Products That Match Your Website Brand

There are thousands of affiliate products out there but most of them won't suit your affiliate brand.  You need to start looking for things that match up with your message and branding.  

For instance if someone created an affiliate website about sports related topics they wouldn't randomly choose pet products to sell on their website.  The two don't match, and confuse the reader from the outset.

There are alternatives like Amazon Associates which opens up to a vast product range that will cover any type of business.  The beauty with Amazon links is that your reader is taken directly onto the Amazon website and anything they put in their basket via your link becomes commission and money for you.

More Isn't Necessarily Better It's Just More

You probably think that by promoting lots of different products you're going to make lots of money.  Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.  Affiliate marketing is all about concentrating on your given subject and writing about that, and choosing one or two affiliate products that you think are going to make you money.

With fewer products you're able to analyse what is selling and what isn't, and you can always try something else later on if nothing is taking off as you expect.

Your attention should be focussed on the task at hand, and not in every other direction.  When I first started affiliate marketing it became obvious early on that some of the things I was promoting weren't getting enough traction.  Without traction my earnings were going nowhere.  Which is why you need to be particular what kind of products you want to sell on your site.

Have Your Week Planned Out

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this you need to really work at it before you start seeing any real results.  Creating a steady flow of good quality content should be your main focus, and getting your website and brand out there for people to see.  Everything should be set in place, and then you can start writing and getting down to some hard graft, and that's just the start, after that it's work work work all the way.

Do People Really Want What You're Selling

If you're selling anything to anyone you need to create a demand or a need.  When you start doing your research you'll discover people are looking for all kinds of things to help them live a better life.

Choose Products That Won't Go Out of Fashion

It's easy to get sucked into the latest trend or fad, but how long is it really going to last?  Trends come and go all of the time, you need to find products people want or need all year round.   

Track Your Sales

Analytics are really important, not only for SEO but also for affiliate marketing.  You'll find metrics with most platforms, and you'll gain a much greater insight into who is buying your products.

Have a Dogged Determination to Succeed

Persistence does pay off but it takes time, and definitely doesn't happen overnight.  Put it this way, the more work you put into the monetary gain you'll get out of it.

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