Friday, August 24, 2018

Why Grammar is So Important

Grammar is the foundation for direct communication.  Like any badly setup internet connection which can cause little or no connection to net, erroneous grammar can affect the accuracy of any intended communication.

Meanings can be easily concealed and buried within mistakes.  A number of the most common errors can be found with sentence structure, punctuation, subject/verb tense, spelling and many other workings of grammar and speech.  You can change the thought and intent of a sentence with  misplaced grammar turning it into something quite disturbing for example: "Let's eat grandpa" or "Let's eat, grandpa".

When grammar is used properly content becomes more coherent and a lot more compelling.  Rewording sentences frequently muddles the flow and the story becomes discombobulated.  Leaving the reader scratching his/her head.

Grammar in the Real World

Every facet of life, be it word, education, social life and job opportunity requires the of  grammar. When you start a family it becomes even more evident that children start learning their grammatical patterns from their family. 

It can also be detrimental to the next generation if they learn incorrectly.

A key part of being a powerful leader is being able to give direction as well as provide assurance of your leading ability.

If further education is taken or desired, college professors expect grammatically correct papers to be handed in regularly.

Any students taking a second language or learning about the English language, proper grammar is essential.  Good grammar can give you the strength necessary to write persuasive papers, acquire allies along the way,  and right resumes that will put at the top of the list for future job interviews. 

Grammar should not cause division in the social world, but rather be used as a valuable tool to open doors and make your message heard.