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How to Create a Book on Kindle Create


The best self promotion is your next book. And the book after that and after that …

Bella Andre

Who would have thought it.

We're living in a time where you, the writer, can have full control over every aspect of publishing your book.

This opens up doors as well as lots of other opportunities.

We're going to look at the process of uploading your document to Kindle Create, a free book formatting software.  And show how simple it is to create a simple book with very little to no IT knowledge.

Important note: Kindle Create is only suitable for KDP.

Download Kindle Create

Format and edit your manuscript.

Kindle Create is suitable for both MAC and Windows users.

(Amazon account required).

You can find Kindle Create if you here on 

Choose Your Book Format

Before you upload your document file choose your book format.

Reflowable - Suitable for novels, essays, poetry, biography, and memoirs.

Comics - Suitable for graphic novels.

Print Replica - Suitable for textbooks, cookbooks, and magazines. 

Upload your manuscript file.

(Kindle Create accepts .DOC or DOCX file.

Wait while Kindle Create converts your document file.

Add Contents Page

When the software has finished converting you'll get a pop-up box with all chapter headings.  

You can select or deselect your chapter headings.

Book Contents

In the box on the left side of the screen you'll see:

Front Matter


Title Page


Table of Contents






Back Matter

Books By This Author

About The Author

Books In This Series

Praise For Author




Important note: Make sure you save throughout the formatting process.

Pick a Theme

On the right side of your screen, at the top of the page you'll see:

Modern (Current)




Pick your book format theme.

Start Formatting Your Book

You can start going through your manuscript page by page formatting your book and making the changes needed using:

Font color

Font size

Bold, Italics, and Underlining

Paragraph options



Preview Your Work Before You Export

Kindle Create enables you to see a digital version of your book that you can click through before you export your book to upload to KDP for publishing.


All of my books are very simple nonfiction books that don't include any images.  I recommend you do an internet search for articles relating to adding images to your book on Kindle Create

Print File

You can create a print-ready file by selecting the Print Settings button in the top right corner.  Simply select the layout you like and press print.

Export Your Book

Go to the top right corner and select file destination, click save, and download your file.

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