Monday, May 20, 2019

5 Book Marketing Tips for Self-Published Authors

Some of the most basic issues of book marketing can easily be overlooked in the rush to sell your book.

There are numerous ways to gain book sales, but not many work unless the groundwork as been laid beforehand.

Check out my 5 simple book marketing tips to give your book the greatest chance of selling.

1.  Detailed Listing of Your Book

The top of list, and rightly so, make sure your book is listed correctly, on Amazon KDP, along with all other retailers.

Take care to ensure you've chosen the right categories, and keywords in both your description and book title.

Even after your book has been published, look to see if you can make anymore improvements to give your book a better chance.

2. Publish Blog Posts in and Around Your Book

Write about your books, include your book in a number of different blog posts, to get the word out.  Remember all of your blog posts written in and around your book will be indexed on Google sesarch, and will help spread the word about your writing.

Tell your readers about how you were initially inspired to write your book.

3. Spread the Word and Share, Share, Share

Use your social media platforms, especially Twitter or Facebook to let your followers know about your books.  One of the biggest advantages with Twitter is that you can pin a Tweet at the top of your page.  You can use this when you have your eBook on Amazon for free.  My books gain a lot of traction that way.  Plus its free advertising.

4.  Comment Regularly

Make regular comments on news articles or blogs in your niche, they have a good chance of gaining a link back to your blog.

Make sure your profile picture is visible, along with your website address and bio.

5. Quit Selling Your Books, Market Them Instead

Selling your books never works.

The books that sell are the ones that are discovered through word of mouth, a free eBook, a book review or even your LinkedIn page.

All of your followers are potential readers.

Discovery is the Key

Give people the opportunity to discover your writing, see everything as an opportunity not a hindrance, and most of all make sure you enjoy doing it!

Let me know your thoughts on book marketing in the comments below.
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