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How to Use "Free" to Bring in New Customers



One of the most popular – and effective – marketing strategies can be seen in the word “free”. The concept is simple – when a consumer hears that something is free, they’ll be interested enough to give the product a try, even if it’s not something they typically use. After all, what have you got to lose? There’s a possibility that you might actually need that product in the future, so best get one now while it’s free!


The Power of Free

People love FREE, the very idea that they can have something without paying for it seems too good to be true.  

In today's overcrowded market, giving something away for free can be a great way to get your foot in the door.  It's a tried and tested marketing idea that works time and time again, and will always attract new customers.

All you need is for someone to give your product a try, and they'll either like or hate it. What you're hoping is the former, and they'll want to find out more.  

Let's take a look at how FREE marketing really works.

What Does FREE do to Your Brain?

To understand how people make decisions you need to study Behavioural Economics.  At the end of the day it's a person's own personal choice as to whether they choose to purchase something or not.  That's why businesses, both big and small, spend an allotted amount of money on marketing their products.  

One of the best ways to draw in new customers is through FREE.  Which is in a category all on its own when it comes to selling to people.  There are countless examples of more products being sold because they come with something FREE for the customer.

The Beauty of FREE

In any buying decision emotions are always involved because they're the main agent behind a purchase.

Let's take a look at the emotions connected to FREE marketing:

A Feeling of Satisfaction

Dan Airely, an Israeli-American professor and author, says that FREE products make people happy.  This is because people feel a real sense of satisfaction that will affect their decision making later on.

Is of Mutual Benefit

When a business offers a product or service for FREE the consumer feels they need to offer something in return.  Which is why it's mutually beneficial to both parties.

Here are 10 great reasons you should use FREE to market your product's:

  • Increases your customer base
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Boosts customer satisfaction and confidence
  • Increases your brand visibility
  • Influences new customers to try out your product

FREE Marketing Strategies

  • Free gift
  • Free samples
  • Free trials
  • Free gift
  • Free shipping

The Effect of FREE

This strategy is used over and over again by small businesses and big corporations because it really works.

Using FREE to Market Your Books

One of the best free marketing tools is FREE, especially on an online store like Amazon.  You have millions of customers looking for products everyday.  Amongst those millions of customers are the readers looking to pick up a free ebook in their shop.

The fact that someone can simply download an ebook for FREE should inspire more people to read everyday.  Never think the value of your product is measured by its price.  And use the power of FREE to sell your books and products!

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