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Mastering Amazon's Algorithms to Sell More Books

Amazon is not a bookstore – it’s a search engine

Before we get started it’s important to realize that Amazon is not a traditional bookstore, rather it’s a search engine, in many ways similar to Google.

The Book Designer.

Amazon, the world's largest bookseller, uses algorithms to sell books and products in its online stores.

In order to sell a book online today you need to know how to navigate the world of algorithms and know how these algorithms will help sell your books.  

Let's take a look at the essential elements of Amazon's algorithms.

Crucial Components of Amazon's Algorithms

  • Product-Market Fit
  • Sales Performance

Product-Market Fit Elements

On-page metadata, categories and keywords are all essential elements Amazon's algorithms use to help sell your book.

What Are On-Page Metadata, Keywords and Categories?

Amazon isn't that different to Google, it works in the same way, the only difference is it looks for products using specific keywords.  Why is why you need to be fairly direct when you're searching for a product.  

Like any library Amazon is categorised so that users can find the exact book they're looking for.  When you publish your book on Kindle Direct Publishing you're allowed to choose three categories.  This is why you need to really define your genre to make the most of the categories you choose.

Your on-page metadata is the information you've typed out to entice your audience.  You do this by choosing a catchy and writing a captivating description.

Sales Performance Elements

Amazon's primary goal is to make money, so that's why it's always going to point customers to the books that are selling the most.  Which is why you need to be careful not to stack your advertising and cause a spike in sales.  Instead, spread your advertising across various platforms and time frames within a month to get the best results.

What Really Makes a Book Sell Well?

There are three key factors that make any book sell really well on Amazon:

  1. Book Title
  2. Book Cover
  3. Book Description

If your book isn't making the sales you would like, take a dive into the above factors and ask yourself, can I improve on anything?

Make It FREE

This is another useful tool that will push your book's ranking because it uses the amount of pages read to boost your book's position.  You need to use as many different tactics as you can to boost your books ratings and sales.

Grab as Many Reviews As You Can

Reviews are also taken into account and will go along way towards pushing your book up the list.  

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