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What You Need to Know About Paid Email Blasts


Investing in Your Book's Future

In conclusion, the writing journey doesn't end with the final period; it continues with a commitment to promoting your book. By investing time, effort, and resources into marketing, authors can reap the rewards of increased discoverability, higher earnings, and lasting success in the literary world. Prioritizing book promotion isn't just an option; it's a necessary step towards ensuring your literary dreams reach their full potential.

Amber Tales Media and Marketing

The success of a book rests on how effectively it's been advertised.  One of the most popular strategies is email marketing, or a paid email blast.  

If you struggle with the whole concept of selling your books through email, a paid email blast could be the answer you're looking for to sell your books.  

In today's busy world, paid email blasts help authors sell hundreds or even thousands of books each month.  It's a powerful way for authors to find new readers and sell more books.  Paid advertising is a simple way to advertise on a budget and a beneficial way to get more traffic to your books and website in one fell swoop.

Paid Email Blast vs. Email Marketing on Your Own Platform

Paid Email Blast

A paid email blast allows you to target your audience, and narrow it down pretty quickly, without the need of starting email marketing from your own website.  Aiming your advertising at the people you know will want to know about your books, and will allow you to build up your readership and bring in new customers to your website.

Email Marketing on Your Own Platform

When you start email marketing from your own website it can take a long time to build up before you start seeing any real results from your efforts. If you want to make a living from your books it's critical that you start advertising as you can afford to.

The Power of BookBub Ads

BookBub is one of the most popular platforms that runs regular email blasts to its subscribers, allowing fiction and nonfiction authors alike to use CPM or CPC.

CPM (Cost Per Impression)

This enables your book to be seen by customers, which means lots of eyeballs looking for new books to read.  Well worth it if you're a new author looking to boost your book and blog traffic.

CPC (Cost Per Click)

This works best for those fiction authors, or authors who have a degree of success, and whose books are already quite popular and known.  Money is spent on every click instead of the amount of impressions.

Will My Books Sell Organically?

That would take a miracle or a happy PR accident to happen for a book to catch on so quickly.  It's also worth pointing out that the more books you write the better chance you have of finding readers because a lot of your books will rank quite low. 

When you start branching out you can write about whatever you want, to reach as many readers as you can.

Advantages of Paid Email Blasts 

One of the biggest advantages of a paid email blast is that you can reduce the price of your book, or even make it free on Amazon, then market it via a paid email blast.

The power of "Free" in marketing, or selling a book for 99¢ is a useful tool to use.

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