Monday, July 24, 2023

Using Your Brand to Grow Your Blog


We've discovered over past blog posts that branding is who you are and what you stand for.

So how can you use a blog to build your brand?

How Blogging Grows Your Brand

Your blog will give your brand:

  1. More visibility
  2. More credibility
  3. More opportunities
  4. More authority
  5. Engages your audience

How to use your blog to build your brand:

1. Create Regular Content

Your blog is the primary platform you should use to showcase your writing skills and books.  By posting regular content your audience will get to know you and start to trust what you have to say.

It's through that trust that you'll begin to see revenue coming in.  

2. Be Consistent

This can't be stressed enough, people like a routine, which is why you need to post regularly and at the same time every week.

It's vitally important that you stick to your publishing schedule, otherwise you'll see a drastic drop off in numbers.

Consistency is the key to everything you do in your brand, including your writing, blogging and self-publishing endeavours.

3. Be Yourself and Be Original

Originality can be a hard thing to accomplish, especially when you're just starting out.  Finding out who you are and what you can offer your audience is half the battle to building your brand.

Give your audience a fresh perspective, include personal stories no one else has, and keep building from there.

4. Be Authoritative

The internet is all about being heard.  You can only do that if you know how to shout the loudest.

Mastering the art of authority is pretty hard, the internet is full of voices that have been around a long time, some since it's inception.  But that still leaves room for new up and coming voices that also need to be heard. 

People gravitate towards a voice that knows what it's talking about.  So use your voice to build your brand.

5. Use a Planned Strategy to Build Your Brand

If you know what you want and how to get it you're well on your way.  For those people out there who have know idea where to start here are some quick tips to get your strategy plan started:

  • Set goals for what you want to achieve from your brand
  • Publish at least one blog posts at the same time every week
  • Get your brand seen by self-publishing your own books
  • Spread your brand across social media and other platforms that will boost your brands presence online
  • Be consistent with all of the above

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