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Content Marketing for Writers


Content comes in four different forms: the written word, audio, video and images,  each medium is used to target an audience.

What matters most of all is that the content you produce is of use to your audience and keeps them interested and wanting more so they'll continue to read your books and blog posts.

Content Marketing is Producing High Quality Content for a Targeted Audience

You can do this by creating articles, blog posts, audio, video, images or podcasts.

a. Every blog post you write should be aimed at your audience.

b. It's no good throwing anything and everything out there and hoping for the best.

Your main aim is to sell books, products or services, and do this by creating high quality content for your audience to read.

Why You Should Spend Time on Content Marketing

The more time you spend writing valuable content the better your writing will be and the more valuable it will become over time.  The more you give to your audience the more your reputation as a writer will grow.

The more content you produce the more people will discover your work and spark interest in what you're doing, and this is when you'll start to develop an authority in your chosen field. 

You're basically leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for people to find, that lead to all of your blog posts, books, services and products.  The more breadcrumbs you leave the easier you'll be to find.  This can only be achieved through organic traffic.

If you haven't created one already, you should be thinking of creating your own content strategy.

Devising a Content Strategy

This just means you're solving problems and building relationships with your readers.

Your aim should be to give your readers the tools they need to solve whatever writing problem they may be faced with.  Because without this mindset no amount of fancy headlines and strategies will work.

If you can open your audience up to the idea that they may have a problem, and be able to give them the solution, you've gained readers and customers for life.

Once your audience realises they've found an authority in the form of your blog, they'll keep coming back for more information, knowing they came to you first.


Here's a list of things you should consider when you start content writing:

1. Establish who your readers are

This is a given for anything you may decide to sell or write about.

If you don't know who your audience is, how can you know what they want?

2. Walk in their shoes and discover what it is they want

If you've chosen a specific niche this shouldn't be too difficult, because you'll have plenty of other bloggers and websites writing about similar things to you.

You just need to start writing and see which blog posts are your most popular.

3. Find your voice

If you haven't found it already, this is where you need to start writing and finding out what kind of writer you are.  People like to read articles and blog posts from real people.  Forming a natural connection to a like-minded soul like yourself who has similar interests.

Growing Your Audience

Relevant and useful content built around a specific subject is the key to building your audience and a successful blog. With the added ingredient of your writing voice, this is the key to building a steady audience that will come back again and again.

Blogging will always be the same, which means you'll always need to produce evergreen content to keep your audience happy.

But it takes time to earn your audience's trust.

Remember you're looking for people who want to read what you write. 

Language in Written Form (The Written Word)

The most prevalent form of the written word is content marketing.

With the emergence of the internet alongside the written word, the amount of content has become immeasurable, but that doesn't mean the printed word has gone out of fashion.

The Best Content Marketing Platform is Blogging

Blogging is the best way to get your voice heard, and to build yourself as a thought leader and expert.  You do this by giving your audience a steady stream of blog posts every week.

Not every blog post needs to be long winded, you should vary your blog posts by subject and length just to give your reader a wider variety of reading.

Capture Your Audience's Attention With Copywriting

Having the ability to write compelling, engaging and persuading copy is an advantage if you're a writer.  Copywriting is mostly used in advertising but most bloggers use it on their websites to draw in new readers and build rapport with their audience.

If you can write captivating copy, you'll have no problem building an audience of enthusiastic readers.

At the End of the Day it's Not All About the Money

When you sit down and look at the blog you've created and built-up you begin to understand how it has elevated your voice on the internet, and helped you connect with so many like-minded people.

All of these benefits happen because of your writing, and ability to share valuable information with your audience.

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