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Make Money from Affiliate Sales as a Writer


When you own your own website you can make income from other people's products through affiliate links.  

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products.

This allows you to earn what is called a passive income.  This is an income source that continues to work even after the job is complete, this could be a book or movie, or other product someone else has created.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Benefit a Writer

Your writing platform will attract potential customers as well as readers to your own products, and the links you include in your blog posts.  You may want to look into other avenues for promoting your affiliate products such as, social media posts, podcasts, webinars, email marketing etc. 

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

You do this in two ways:

By recommending other people's products you use personally, or that you know are selling well.

Or you can do it via social media or email.

Best Affiliate Marketplaces for Writers

For most affiliate marketplaces you just need to sign up and wait for approval.  Amazon Associates is probably the most popular and useful because it has such a diverse range of products of both high and low value.

Other Affiliate Programs for Writers

You might want to look into things like editing software, digital or printed books, audio and writing software.  With the following companies:

Hemingway app
Smart Edit

Quick Tips on Affiliate Marketing

Use your blog to write a blog post about how useful your affiliate product can be, or you could create a video showcasing what the product has to offer.  Whatever format you choose, tell your readers why you recommend it and how you found it useful.

2. Produce a webinar using the product's creator, and include answers to questions the audience might have about the product.  At the end of the webinar pitch your audience with a special deal to entice them to buy the product.

Create a freebie to entice new subscribers and include affiliate links within your free PDF.

4. Make a video tutorial recommending the product and how it can make their life better.

5. Create a tools and resources page on your blog.  Fill it full of useful tools and resources, including your books. 


Quick Guide to Writing Content for Affiliate Marketing

1. Write About Products You've Used

Use your own experience to sell the product, and use it to draw in your audience.  Your reader's come to your website because they trust you, so why not recommend something you've already used and know works and make a few dollars from it.

2. Your Reader is the Center of Your Writing

This goes without saying, your writing should always be about what your reader's are interested in and want, and what they can gain from it. 

3. Be Transparent With Your Reader's

Be honest and frank about the product's you're promoting, write about the pros and cons of a product.

4. Use Storytelling to Sell Products

Use storytelling and incorporate anecdotes in your writing.  This way you won't sound stiff and starchy, instead it'll sound more like you're talking to a friend and recommending a product.

5. Don't Just Stick With One Approach to Affiliate Content Writing

Keep your approach fresh and draw your audience in with your own experiences, you can do this on any platform you use.

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