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Selling Your Books and Other Products as a Writer


An essential part of your author platform is your book product page.  People need a quick and easy way to access these links so they can order your books.

Making money through your writing doesn't just stop at producing your own books, there are many other options you can use to make extra income on top of the income you're already receiving from the sales of your books.  Find some of those options below.

Selling Easily Downloadable or Digital Products

Digital products are e-goods and only exist in digital form but can easily be downloaded via a web page, consumed or watched online, but can also be delivered by email.  No shipping or storage is required, making profit margins higher than any physical products being sold.

You Could Sell:

A Resource or Guide 

All non-fiction e-books on Amazon can be sold for no more than $9.99.  This applies to all authors publishing their book with Kindle.

The story is very different if you decide to sell your Guide or Resource on your own website.  All kinds of bloggers and writers are choosing to sell their own products directly, enabling them to target the market they're selling to, with the knowledge that their own audience will pay more.

Or Multimedia Courses

MOOCs or massive open online courses have seen a huge increase, the main contenders are CreativeLive, Masterclass, Udemy, Coursera and Teachable.

You might want to host your own courses like Jane Friedman, or one of the above platforms to expand your revenue as a writer. 

Useful Information for Selling Multimedia Courses

1. Do your homework and see what people are interested in learning before taking the plunge and producing your own course.

2. Make your course title catchy, and be in tune with what your readers want to watch.  This rule applies to book titles as well.

3. Focus on one topic and don't try to juggle too many balls in the air when you're teaching.

4. Get feedback via email and create happy customer service with your audience.

Quick note:  Be ready to listen to any technical issues your customers may have before you start selling your course, otherwise you'll be bombarded with questions you can't answer.

Selling Tangible or Physical Products

Books are the main physical product most writers sell on their website which require storage and shipping.

If you sell your books through Amazon you have a link that will take you directly to the main product page, but if you're selling signed books you might have a separate PayPal page.  This will require storing books in your home, then sending them by mail.  This can be time consuming but some authors still like that kind of personal touch.

There's a big market for cool merchandise, basics like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, stickers many writers and bloggers sell directly from their own online store.

Rosa Elena who not only blogs about writing but also covers business, wellness and veganism and has her own merchandise shop.  

There are plenty of other companies offering the same kind of service and include customizable merchandising, such as:




How to Sell Products on Your Blog

The Bigger the Audience the More Customers You'll Have

You don't need to sell books to know that the bigger the audience you have the bigger the potential is for customers who'll buy your products.  You do this by producing good regular content for your audience to read, and sharing in as many places as you can online.

That's why you need to be very specific with your blog category.  There's no point in starting a blog on a subject you hate. Not only do you need to be excited about what you're writing, but you also need to keep your readers interested, and you need to do it regularly.  Either daily or weekly.

The more eyes that read your work the more people will become interested in what you have to say.  It will soon become clear when your audience starts growing by how much you make from your books and other products.

Create as Much Evergreen Content as You Can

Evergreen content is content that keeps its value and stays fresh well after it has been published.  Which is why you should write for your audience and no one else.

Selling Your Own Products Should be Your Priority

You've probably noticed how many bloggers and writers have produced their own products, everything from e-books to paperbacks to courses.

There are tools you can use to sell your books if you publish them on Amazon, you can enroll your books in KDP Select and earn extra royalties, maximize your book's sales potential and reach new audiences all around the world.

The possibilities are endless.

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