Monday, April 19, 2021

Offering Consulting or Coaching Services as a Writer


If you're already producing content regularly, and have an audience that likes what you produce, chances are some may even want to call upon your expertise at some point.

This is when you can start offering your services and making some extra income from your writing.

When you started writing you built yourself a really useful skill set that can be used to your advantage. 

All you need to do is to create a page on your blog offering your services with directions to your payment platform of choice (PayPal etc.).

So let's start looking at some tips to get your consulting or coaching services started:

Be Transparent About the Service You're Offering

You can do this through your sales page by including:

  • What rate are you charging per session?
  • Telling your customers that each session is recorded?
  • And if there are any add-on's?

Use Social Proof (Testimonials) to Get More Customers

Do a few jobs for free initially when you start up and use those testimonials to get new clients.  This will help spread word of mouth for even more referrals.

Ensure You Make the Time for Your Clients

If you're writing a book alongside your coaching or consulting business it makes sense to put time aside for each client.  An easy way to keep track is by making a chart that includes client time and writing time each week.  Then you'll know how much time you're able to give to each project.

Also you don't want your client sessions to go over if you've left time for writing.

Make Your Prices Clear

You can do this by including a section on your sales page.  Always issue an invoice to each client for sessions, along with the cost and their personal details.  Not only will this give you peace of mind but also your customers will know what they're paying for. 

Feeling Overwhelmed by too Much Work, Raise Your Prices

A lot of consultants start their business charging low hourly rates, which often leaves them swamped with work.  This is when you can raise your rates, and also weed out the low payers, and gain higher quality clients.

Prepare Your Sessions With a Questionnaire

Give your clients a questionnaire before each session to find out what they want, and what they might expect.

Request Feedback from Your Customers

When you've finished your session, provide your clients with a form for feedback.  This will let you know if you're on the right track with the service you're providing from each client.

Record Your Video Calls

Use a video service like Skype and record your sessions.

EaseUs RecExperts

TalkHelper Call Recorder


Evaer Skype Recorder

AthTek Skype Recorder

Amolto Call Recorder

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