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Write an eBook in 30 Days With This Guide


Is it possible to write a novel in 30 days, and have it ready to be published?
It sounds so implausible when you sit down and think about.

On the other hand, it's a task that can be done providing your time is managed well. I'm not talking about something that has no thought and is suddenly thrown together.

With the points below, I'll show you how you can plan, write and edit your eBook and have it ready to publish.

This is how you do it:
Choose Your Topic (days 1-2)

If you have an idea in mind, or subject you'd like to write about.

Write down your ideas and store them in a safe place.

Come back to your ideas and start making notes.

Your book needs to be:

  • Clear cut: Don't overwhelm your readers with too many ideas, keep it clean and simple.
  • Beneficial: Make your eBook useful. Are there any specific things your readers comment about?
  • Narrow down your ideas: Start narrowing down your list, and pulling ideas together.
    Build an Outline (days 3-4)

    This is like a road map.

    There's no right or wrong way to write your outline.

    These tips may help you along the way:
    1. Connect your ideas together and create a mind map.  Write everything down.
    2. Go to the end of your eBook and start working backwards.  Tell your readers what they'll achieve once they've finished reading your eBook
    3. Compose a list of chapters for your eBook.  Start by writing 3-5 points for each chapter.
    4. Look at what other people have written about on your chosen subject.
    When your outline is clear and structure is in place, you can ......

    Begin Writing (days 5-25)

    For the next 20 days this is where you'll spend your time.

    Below are tips to accelerate your writing:
    • If you're a morning person write in the morning.  Likewise if you're best time is after 9 pm, write then.
    • No distractions while you write.  That includes the Internet and mobile phone.
    • Set a timer and write until the alarm goes off.
    • Keep writing even if you have a fact to check, or a link or screenshot to add.
    • Leave your editing until last.
    Your goal is to write for 20 days, so write as much as you can.

    Writing becomes easier the more often you do it.

    You're not quite finished.  You need to .......

    Edit Your eBook (days 26-28)

    Normally you'd put your eBook to one side for a few days before you start your revisions.

    The clock is ticking in this case, so you need to print out or copy over to tablet to start editing.

    Once you've done this you need to go through your document in one go taking note of:
    • Look out for information that you may have repeated.
    • Information that you want to include but missed out on your first draft.
    • Rearrange chapters that don't flow together.
    Use three days to go through:
    • Spelling mistakes
    • Additions
    • Re-ordering
    At this stage your eBook is almost finished.

    You have a couple of days left to ......

    Final Changes and Proofread (days 29-30)

    These last days will turn your eBook into a finished and polished piece of work.

    Whichever you choose you can view it over PDF or reprint it again.

    This time go through it slowly, meticulously.  Every word and sentence.

    Looking out for:
    • Confusing sentences
    • Typos you may have missed
    • Absent words.  Sometimes hard to spot but surprisingly common
    You've Done It!

    Your eBook is ready to sell and your that proud author.

    You could use your eBook as promotional content for your blog.

    A month of work can equal money for years ahead.
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