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How to Promote Your Content Easily on Social Media


Blog post updated 18/12/2019

After researching, analysing and creating addictive content, time is needed to promote it.  The best place to promote it is social media, the place we spend 25% of our time online today. 

But is your content promoted effectively through social media?

Let's kick your social media promotion up a notch.

Check out these 7 ways to promote your content easily through social media:

Image is Everything

It's a well-known fact that tweets with images are more likely to get more engagement than tweets without.  The same can be said for photos on Facebook and LinkedIn.  The newer social networks such as Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest, are all based on images.

Are you using images in all of your social media content?  If you repeatedly post on social media, create a different set of images for one blog post, to get your point across, and post multiple times.

Headlines are Everything

Headlines are there to grab someone's attention, are your headlines like that?

If they don't you need to:

1. Develop easy-to-read titles to catch the eye of your audience.
2. Compose titles for particular social media platforms when you share your content.

Content should be posted multiple times, and each time requires a different title, read Curata's article about curated content for more tips on creating new headlines.

Create Tailor-Made Content for Each Platform

Use the posting features on offer on all social media platforms, including, description, headline, and image when you're sharing content.  Your post will be more effective, if it's tailor made for a particular social media platform.

Post at the Right Time

It's not easy posting at the same time every day, sometimes it's best to do it first thing when you get out of bed, if you can't do that, find a time that suits you best and stick to it.

Different platforms have different peak times, so a lot of timing comes down to managing your social media, and knowing how to engage with your audience.  Using social media management platforms such as Buffer or Hootsuite, can help you manage your social media timing, and create a more efficient schedule for posting.

Promote Your Content Multiple Times

If you have the management platform, then use it to post your content throughout the day, using the tips mentioned above.

Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions

Ask questions, get to know your followers, this will increase the chance of your content being read.  Connection is key, social media was created for people, not businesses.

Being more active will grab your audience's attention.

Choose the Right Platforms

There are plenty of platforms to share your content, it can be difficult to know which platform suits you and your content.

Knowing how to utilise a particular platform is half the battle.  You don't need to be on every social media platform, concentrate on one or two and start building up your following.  A good place to start is Twitter and Pinterest, both simple to use and a good introduction to social media.

Once success starts to come, then you can start looking for a new platform to share on, such as Slideshare, YouTube, iTunes, Soundcloud or Stitcher.

Branding on Social Media

When branding is done correctly on social media it will help you connect to your target market and readers.  Forming a natural but essential part of your social media marketing strategy.

Branding on social media is having the ability to engage with your audience on all of your social media platforms.  The objective is to optimise brand awareness, this is done by leveraging the power of social media branding.  This can be done by building a strong and loyal fans who are hungry to follow and buy from you.

Branding, What's It All About?

If you want a blog or business that will stand the test of time, you need to define what it is you stand for, while attracting readers who are likely to turn into customers.  During the early stages of branding, all leads are important, that is why it's necessary to start with the right impression.

Before you start your branding strategy, here are four key points that will help you improve your social media branding:

1. Identity

What is it that makes you and your brand so different from the competition?  What are you hoping to achieve, and who do you want to impress?  The plainer and more direct you are, the easier it will be to create the right message.

2. Who is Your Audience?

Knowing your target audience is half the battle.  If you know who you're writing for you can create a tailored approach that will hit all of the right notes, instead of a blind one, and miss your target.

Get to know your audience, ask questions, know their needs and wants.  Start by looking up the age of your audience.

3. Content

Don't just share any kind of content, share the kind that suits your niche.  Your content will make or break your social media campaign.  That's why a made-to-measure approach on each platform is essential.

4. Design

Visual content is an important part of branding on social media.  The human brain processes visual content 60,000x faster than normal text.

4 Social Media Lies to Avoid

To get the best results on social media, you need to make sure you're outlook is clear from the start.

Here are 4 social media lies to avoid:

1. Your Brand Can Become Popular Overnight

Social media marketers focus on making their brand big overnight.  This is a big mistake, because it takes time realistically to gain genuine followers.  It could be detrimental to your efforts online if you have thousands of the wrong kind of followers.

Social media marketing is all about building new relationships, and keeping old ones.  Forget quick results! 

Instead focus on the slow burn approach, and building a trustworthy brand.

2. Using Every Social Network for Branding

Your time spent on social media may be limited, so you need to use it wisely.  By spreading yourself too thinly you could miss your target audience.

Use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to reach your readers and potential customers.  As tempting as it is to sign up to every platform, it may not necessarily be in your own interest.  You need to put your best efforts into one or two big platforms, instead of spreading yourself to thin.

3. Brand Building Requires Masses of Followers

Banking on huge numbers of social media followers isn't necessary when building your brand.  Your goal is to leverage social media, and build long term connections with your customers and prospects.

It takes time to build a brand, so don't start fretting over small numbers, when your purpose should be building a loyal and dedicated following. 

The right kind of followers can equal more business, but they should be able to recognize your brand.

4. Setup and Forget About Your Followers

Social interaction is a key part of branding, without it you'll lose followers, and the people that really care about what you do. 

People like it when you share their thoughts and opinions, by answering simple comments goes a long way in building your brand.

Maximise Your Potential

Social media is one of the most powerful tools available to promote your content.  Not many people realise the impact it can have in promoting their work.  Use one of these social media tips and you'll gain a significant amount of traffic for your blog.

Let me know which methods have worked for you in the comments below.
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