Friday, March 15, 2019

10 Email Ideas to Keep Your Subscribers Interested

Should you send your subscribers a regular newsletter? Or just let the opportunity pass you by?

To some bloggers creating a newsletter is a help, not a hindrance.

Are you using your newsletter to your advantage, and that of your audience?

What I mean is, are you sending out beneficial information about your blog that your readers want to read?

Why You Should Send Regular Newsletter's to Your Subscribers

Newsletter's are part of forming an online relationship with your readers. Even if have only a couple of subscribers. Everyone one of those subscribers has signed up because they're interested in you and what you do.

Some bloggers write a regular newsletter's every week, others prefer once a month, or when they have a new product, or book to sell.

Check out these 10 newsletter ideas:

1. Begin with a Series of Welcoming Newsletter's

If you've used a freebie to draw in subscribers, start building a relationship with them through some simple emails. 

 Check out these examples below:

  • Say hi, and tell them a little bit about yourself
  • Ask a question or send a survey
  • Send them another freebie in your next newsletter 
2. Tell Your Readers About Your Recent or Past Blog Posts

Many people sign up to a blog just to receive information about recent blog posts. People love to read new information, plus it's a great way to convert traffic.

3. Tell Your Readers About Some Neat Tips 'N Tricks

Newsletters are great for providing additional information to your subscribers, such as tips 'n tricks.

4. Get More Traffic to Your Older Blog Posts

You can mention, and link up your older, and more popular posts to repurpose your old content.

5. Send Out Invitations for Free Webinars, Podcasts and Events Your Involved In

Many bloggers use these as part of a sales funnel to invite their subscribers to join.

6. Create Surveys and Ask Yur Subscribers Questions

Build a relationship with your audience by asking questions. The more you understand your audience, the bigger it will grow.

7. Tell Them Your Stories

Stories are a great medium to draw your audience in, and more importantly, get to know the real you.

Tell them about your writing failures, how you fixed a problem with your blog, or how you got to where you are today, and where it all started for you.

8. Send Your Subscribers Curated Content that You Would Recommend Reading

Give them a list of posts you read recently in your chosen niche. This gives you the opportunity to give credit to some of your favourite bloggers.

9. Give Your Readers a Heads Up on Your Social Networks

Chances are you're already on at least one or two of the big social networking channels. Tell your subscribers about where they can reach you, and how they can contact you through these channels.

You'll soon start seeing some growth on your social media platforms.

10. Tell Your Subscribers About Your Thoughts for the Future

Sharing future plans with your followers shows you want to keep on growing, and want them to follow you on your journey.

Don't be discouraged, remember you'll never please everyone, and you'll always have a close knit community of followers that will stay with you, even when times are tough, eagerly anticipating any newsletters that come their way.
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