Monday, January 07, 2019

How to Design a Book Cover on Fotor

It's a simple fact these days that image is everything, especially when it comes to book covers. In the early days of self-publishing authors didn't have many options when it came to creating their book cover.

But with the recent improvements in both graphics and design, you don't need to be book cover designer to produce a best selling book cover with Fotor.

How to Create Your Book Cover on Fotor
Select book cover option on Fotor's landing page. Click on Book Cover button, and you'll be directed to the numerous templates available. Gain access to all templates with Fotor Pro.

When you're going through all of the templates on offer, think about which category your book is in. You'll discover templates for both fiction and non-fiction alike.

Choose Your Template

If you're still unsure about which template to choose here's an example of the template I used for the recent cover of my Amazing and Interesting Facts book on Amazon.

If you don't like the templates provided their are plenty of backgrounds and stickers available to create your own.



You also have the option to use a different template and resize it, I used this Pinterest post design on another book I published recently, The Writers Guide to Writing Well .


or you could create your own by simply choosing a background, choosing a basic, shape, and then adding a font, like my recent book cover below:

The Writers Guide to Writing Well available on Amazon.

Choosing Your Font

If you've already chosen a template, you probably won't need to change your font, but you can always experiment with other fonts, to customise your template.

As you can see from my book cover above I decided to go with a larger font than the one chosen on Fotor.

After you've created your design and signed in to Fotor, you can go Pro and have the full choice of templates on offered. This is gives you freedom and choice, like my book covers above, and many many more templates.

It makes a world of difference designing a book cover with the right tools. Go to Fotor (Best free online photo editor, collage maker and designer!) and start your book cover design today!

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