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The Importance of a Fresh Set of Eyes on Your Work


It's attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning.

Francis Atterbury.

It takes a certain kind of personality to pore over a document, sitting for hours on end meticulously going over every word and sentence to make it look and sound amazing.

Why You Need a Fresh Set of Eyes on Your Writing

For authors and bloggers quality content is essential.  Typos and inaccuracies don't fly with an audience.

Mistakes are Distractions

Spelling mistakes, punctuation pitfalls, silly word choices, repeated words, all of these things make your reader stop dead in their tracks. And often they don't bother reading on because the content they're reading is just one mistake after another.

Grammar Blunders Can Cost You Money

Legal and business documents are amongst just a few really important papers people need to be correct and have zero mistakes.  Otherwise a simple error can lead to future problems. 

Good Grammar = Authentic Person/Brand

Poor grammar is enough to put anyone off wanting to read more.  Which is why it's a vital skill if you're a blogger online wanting to build a brand.

Brands Are Built on Good Grammar

Business is built on documentation being written and edited well.  Without it business will crumble.  

An Eye for Detail = Easier Life

In today's modern world we're sending out hundreds of messages every year using email, SMS, blogging etc.  Stand-out from the crowd and your co-workers by having an eye for detail in your writing.

Makes Good Writing Great

The ability to write well opens up a world of beautiful prose and opportunity, and opportunity won't come calling unless your writing is of a high standard.

It Will Save You Money In Your Business

Every document you send for printing should be flawless from the outset, and will save you a lot of money in the long-term.

Incorrect Information on Resume = No Job

Employers look for accurate information and grammar when they're going through someone's CV.  A sloppy CV equals a sloppy employee.

Google Loves Good Grammar

As I've repeated above, Google is looking for websites that provide its searchers with correct and accurate information.  That means your spelling and accuracy should be impeccable.

The Human Eye and Brain is Better Than any AI System

The human brain and eyes are amazing tools that can be used to spot all kinds of errors in any kind of document.  And will give an AI Proofreading system a run for its money any day.

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