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Payout Programs for Affiliate Marketers


The internet is full of companies that offer opportunities for you to make money.  If you work hard enough you can earn a healthy income each year alongside your books.  All of this requires effort and time.

We're going to take a look at how you're compensated through these affiliate companies, and what's available to you.  It's a good idea to do your research before you jump into any affiliate marketing opportunity, and know just what you'll get out of it.  There are a number of different methods of payment available to affiliates, and each method involves consistent activity and works in its own particular way.  

Let's take a look at the current payment models used and see how they can benefit the affiliate marketer.  It may take time before you see your first payment, with a simple plan of action you can create a campaign that will suit your writing business and brand.

1. Pay-Per-Lead

You're paid when you bring a new lead to a website, this can mean a customer filling out a quote, request or contact form, or who may reach out to a business in any way, the affiliate is rewarded.

2. Pay-Per-Sale

This is probably one of the most commonly used ways of making money as an affiliate marketer.  You receive a payment for the products you sell.  This is how Amazon Associates works, and allows purchase of any product through any link.  Meaning, your customers don't have to buy from the direct product link, instead they can browse around Amazon and choose whatever they want, and you benefit from each sale made.

3.  Pay-Per-Click

You usually find this kind of payment made when you sign up to Google Advertising.  It's based on the number of clicks you receive, which means you need a lot of traffic before you start seeing any real income.  

4.  Pay-Per-Impression

Not unlike number three "Pay-Per-Click," this is when the advertiser buys a certain amount of impressions, or times the marketing message is displayed at a set price.  This requires consistently well written content on a regular basis. 

Is It Possible to Combine Your Different Payout Options?

Usually you can't use two or more compensation methods at any one time.  This is why the merchant provides one payout method, making it simpler.  But each merchant is different.  

You need to tailor your affiliate marketing strategy to your writing needs.  What I mean is, every writer or blogger has a different website and subject they're writing about.  Not every affiliate program will suit your needs, or make you money.  You need to understand how you're going to make money from the affiliate network on your own website before you sign up.  

Did You Know Payouts Can Come in the Form of a Free Gift?

Some affiliate networks offer payment by way of a free gift.  A free gift may be given when high amounts of traffic are guided to a particular website, or the affiliate may have made a number of sales.  You may be offered a coupon or gift card, but the overall value of the free gift will depend on how much work you've put in.  Make sure the gifts on offer are enough of an incentive.

Affiliate Referrals

You may be paid extra to point new affiliates your way.  This would require extra advertising encouraging people to sign up.  It's best to tell people what the program has to offer, and include any stories you may have on selling the product yourself as encouragement.  

Tiered Affiliate Program

This approach means your earnings increase the more sales you make.  Often the commission rate is put up every time you make more sales. 

Revenue Share

This commission structure is both profitable for the merchant and the affiliate as both are rewarded by performance.  The more sales and revenue made for the merchant, the more commission to the affiliate.  Good examples of this model are online retailers and travel agents who offer a revenue share commission.  The affiliate always gets a percentage of the sale.

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