Monday, November 29, 2021

Growing Your Ghostwriting Business


After you've established yourself as a ghostwriter you can then start thinking about how you're going to grow your profits either through services or other means of writing.

Let's take a look at some ideas.

Look Into Different Forms of Writing

Copywriting is a popular fit for a lot of writers because most writers that own their own blog are doing it already, and it has potential for higher earnings.

Offer Corresponding Services

This could be anything from ebook formatting to book marketing, cover design or book illustration.

Farm Out Your Writing to Cheaper Writers

Once you start earning the big bucks you can start handing some of your work out to other writers you trust will do a good job for you, paying them less than what you're getting paid and you pocket the difference. 

Develop the Right Mindset

You need a business mindset when you're working for yourself and ghostwriting is no different.  Seize the day and go out and find new clients for your ghostwriting business. 

Look For Your Target Audience as a Ghostwriter

There are plenty of other ghostwriting businesses out there, but what separates your own particular brand of ghostwriting from the competition?

Find Ghostwriting Jobs You Know You Can Do

Get a few easier ghostwriting jobs under your belt first, and look at what other ghostwriters are offering their clients.  Ask yourself is there something you can be offering that they aren't already?  

Make Time for Your Own Personal Development

Developing your craft is something that takes time, there's no harm in including that in your business plan.  Your aim is to be a highly sought after ghostwriter, so you need as many feathers in your cap as possible to give you the extra edge over your competition.

Network More

Take the time to look into clients from your own social network.  You'll probably find more work from people you regularly stay in touch with than anywhere else.

Ask for Referrals Endorsements and Testimonials

Ask for testimonials from all of the clients that are happy with your work, add those testimonials to your website, and make mention of emails to new clients.

Write and Publish Your Own Books

Show future clients the books you've already written, as proof that you're a capable ghostwriter.  

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