Monday, October 11, 2021

Managing Your Anonymity as a Ghostwriter


If you're looking for a spotlight on your work and writing then ghostwriting probably isn't for you.  Sitting in the shadow of someone else's success isn't for everyone.  

However, ghostwriting is a great way to get on the writing ladder if you really want to get your foot in the door.  There is definitely an art to being able to distance yourself from each job that comes along.  

Keeping Your Hand In

Being able to write your own books will keep you sane.  Not only will you find both personal and professional satisfaction by writing in another person's voice.  By writing in a different person's voice, you'll discover a new way of looking at the way you write, and may even find inspiration along the way.

Inundated With Work, and Not Enough Time For Your Own Writing

Writing for yourself may become difficult if you're completely swamped with jobs.  Time management will be key to being able to write your own books and articles. At the end of the day you're in charge of your own time, and how much you need to complete each job. You can always make time for your own projects if you plan your week more carefully.

Having the ability to connect to your own voice is something you should treasure when you're a ghostwriter.  Having the ability to be able to switch back to writing in your own voice is something you never want to lose sight of, no matter what you may have going on.

The Key to Gaining More Experience

Unless you've chosen to stay within a specific genre, you'll find that each new job will come with a new set of experiences and problems which you can relish, and get through, helping you gain more customers and build your ghostwriting business.  

Experience speaks volumes, and if you've already got a couple of successful books in print for an author, there are sure to be more to follow.

Acknowledgement Doesn't Really Matter

At the end of the day, if ghostwriting is your passion, and you're getting paid for, nothing else matters.

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