Monday, September 20, 2021

How to Have Better Communication With Your Ghostwriting Clients

Freelance ghostwriting can feel like a minefield at times, and there are plenty of horror stories out there that prove that point.

You'll no doubt hear endless stories about revision demands that need to be fulfilled by a certain time, or a job that's almost finished but no sign of a paycheck.  Most of these disasters can be easily averted by some straightforward communication.

Let's look at some ways you can stay clear of any trouble with your ghostwriting clients:

Take Heed and Scrutinise

Always read your contract thoroughly along with the project description before starting any ghostwriting job.  Make sure your skill set can address all of your clients needs.

Remember why the client has hired you, and that you're there to serve their writing needs.  

Making sure you've established the following:

  • How much you've charged the client
  • You can work to the clients deadline
  • You bring value to the table as a freelance ghostwriter
  • You have no problem with the clients clauses and policies
  • As well as any other requirements that are requested

Then all you need to do is finalise the ghostwriting contract with your client to make sure all kinks are ironed out before starting the job.

Fulfill Your Task Professionally

Once you're in a business contract everything stays professional, even if you're working with a close friend.  Your authority and experience in ghostwriting should shine through the whole experience, and should make the client want to hire you again.

By functioning professionally you:

  • Take everything said to you seriously
  • Are never late for meetings over the phone, or in person
  • Have all of your writing is up-to-date and ready to be edited
  • Stick to all of your deadlines

The value of your work is represented by your confidence as an expert ghostwriter and not just by the price you charge for your services.

Your credibility as a freelance ghostwriter rests in your remaining professional throughout.

Seek Information Whenever It's Needed

There's nothing worse than going into a writing project with blinders on.  You need to be confident enough to ask the right questions to get the best information for your book.

As a freelance ghostwriter you're like a one man band, and do the work of a whole team.

You're not always going to know every subject matter, or story genre you'll be writing, so it's imperative to pick the brains of your client to know exactly what is expected.

There's no harm in asking the right questions, and it even shows initiative on your part. 

Stay In Regular Contact With Your Client

You may find that the client you're working for is in a different time zone, or maybe they are restricted by time due to their own schedule.

In both cases you need to stay in regular contact with the client by sending emails when appropriate, and making sure you're both working on the same page.

In order to achieve clarity with your client you need to:

  • Articulate professionally
  • Be plain speaking at all times with your client

Clear Communication Matters

Better communication with a client nurtures a stronger relationship over time, and may even lead to extra work down the line.

You need to find out which means of communication is best for your client, and stay with it. 

If you keep all of these points in mind you can't go wrong on your ghostwriting job. 

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