Monday, June 28, 2021

Ghostwriting Memoirs, Personal Histories, Biographies and Autobiographies


Ghostwriting opens up to more than just personal experience when writing about an author's life.  It also includes memoirs, biographies and autobiographies.

Let's take a look at each term.


An autobiography is the whole story of one person's life.  This includes a comprehensive overview of life experiences from birth right up to the present.  An autobiographical account contains both factual and historical data of things like names, places, dates and is usually more concerned with accuracy than artistic license.  It is the most traditional form of life storytelling with a comprehensive scope, which doesn't need to be hugely long.  But it is usually told in the first person (or the writer's point of view and using the pronoun "I").


A memoir is similar to an autobiography in that it is also written in the first person, with the author writing about his or her life, with more importance put on past events seen through the eyes of the present.  Memoirs can also be someone's reminiscences about certain time periods, such as childhood, or coping with an illness.  It may also include stories from a wider range that eventually leads to a single theme.

Personal History  

A personal history is a more comprehensive term that can include any kind of life story, which is also written in the first person, but can also be seen as a biography.


Biographies aim for a true accurate account of someone's life, but are written in the third person, by someone that isn't that subject.  Usually biographies are written by famous, or noteworthy people, but this is no longer the case.  

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