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How to Launch Your Ghostwriting Career and Sell Your Ghostwriting Skills

Half the battle of marketing yourself as a ghostwriter is knowing what kind of writer you are to begin with.  With so many people using the internet for commercial and personal use it's no wonder that people are turning to ghostwriters to get their works published.  Businesses are always looking for new ghostwriters to create brochures, web copy, social media posts, articles, blog posts, books, or even commercial publications.  

Selling Yourself as a Ghostwriter

There are a number of different techniques you can use to promote yourself as a ghostwriter.  We're going to dive into some techniques to help you get started.

Here are some tips and ideas to help launch your ghostwriting career and sell your ghostwriting skills: 

1. Start Small and Write Articles

Books are a massive undertaking for any writer, but articles offer a smaller, more manageable way of showing your clients and audience what you're capable of writing.  A real plus point is that articles enable you to write a book in miniature form with a beginning, middle and end, just like a book does.

2. Be Creative and Write Profiles for the Great and Small

Biographies are a great way of getting your foot on the ghostwriting ladder because they allow you to work with well-known authors and smaller less known ones. 

Look for people who write about extraordinary events and things, and make inquiries about collaborations on books,blog posts, articles etc.  

After you've written a few biographies you might want to start asking if you can explore writing a book. 

3. Start Freelancing to Show You Can Stick to Deadlines

Publishers prefer writers who can stick to any deadline set, simply because they like their work done on time.  Doing the best work you can isn't enough, you need to have the skill of working within a contract if you're going to start ghostwriting. 

Bear in mind that ghostwriting work isn't usually advertised as that but rather "content writing," "writer," "copywriter," and you'll always be asked to write in the voice of your client and not your own. 

4. Create a Website/Blog

If you haven't done so already this should have been one of the first things you created when you started writing.  Once you have your website setup you can include extra pages such as a services page, along with a list of testimonials if you have some already, and a short biography.

Not unlike a website your blog can be tweaked to help market your ghostwriting business.  Start writing blog posts and articles about ghostwriting, show that you're keen and want to learn, and who knows you may start picking up work.

5. Create an Email Signature

Every email you send out is a marketing opportunity, by adding ghostwriter into your signature you're letting people know exactly what it is you do.

6. Use Your Mini Biography Note

Any publication you do outside of your writing will usually contain a mini biography.  This is a perfect opportunity to tell your audience what you do, and a perfect way to advertise yourself as a ghostwriter.

7. Word of Mouth from Satisfied Clients

Remind your clients to keep you in mind for any future projects or anyone that they may know that might require a ghostwriter.  

8. Networking

Get to know your writing community online or locally, and ask people for connections, build-up your relationship with other like-minded writers, editors, and people you think are interested in what you do.  Start doing favour's and helping people where you can.

Use your social media platforms such as LinkedIn to find new gigs.  Create banners  for your social media platforms to advertise your skills as a writer.

Keep your social media profiles up-to-date, and let people know that you're always available to take on new ghostwriting jobs. 

9. Use Your Writing Knowledge 

If you're a seasoned writer you've probably gained a wealth of experience in your field.  Use your writing mastery to gain new clients.

10. Use Previous Clients and Referrals

Start spreading the word with the clients you already have on your books as a freelancer.  You have a resource that most new ghostwriters don't have.  Start letting your clients know you are branching out into ghostwriting, you never know what might turn up.

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