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Ghostwriting an Introduction


Recognition is the thing most writers want from their writing career, to know that people will go out of their way to find there books makes a difference.  

But what if you were writing in someone else's name?

Would that matter to you?

Most experts in the publishing arena say that 80% of books on The New York Times bestseller list are written by ghostwriters.

The market for ghostwriting means more than writing a book for a celebrity these days, it also includes normal everyday people, big corporations and literary agents, to name a few, to write their books.

Ghostwriting no longer belongs to writing books for celebrities and the rich but also blog posts, articles, content marketing, white papers, and some people even require others to write content for their social media posts.

Which means million dollar corporations are willing to spend millions of dollars paying other people to write their social media posts.

Maybe you're a newbie and are looking for some lucrative writing niches to start on, or a freelancer who wants to branch out, either way there's a profitable market out there for the taking.

Why Do People Hire Ghostwriters

If you're a skilled writer, it's pretty fair to say that people will pay good money for your services.

Here are 8 really good reasons why people will give you work as a ghostwriter:

They Don't Have Any Writing Skills

Writing isn't everybody's forte, so people will start looking for someone proficient enough to do the job for them.

In some cases their English may not be the best, and they find it difficult to express their thoughts onto paper.  Or maybe it's the opposite and their use of English isn't plain enough for the average person to understand.  There may be someone who wants a story written but has no idea how to start developing that idea and nurturing it into a readable story.

As a ghostwriter you'll come across people from every field of life whether it be a professional sports person, actor or banker.  They're all looking to hire someone with writing expertise who can understand the message they want to put across in their book.

There Aren't Enough Hours in the Day to Write a Book

A lot of people start out with good intentions but then discover they don't have it in them to finish it or even continue on with their story.  Or maybe their book is taking too long to finish, so rather than throwing in the towel they decide to hire a real ghostwriter who will finish what they started doing.

Some circumstances may be out of the hands of authors and they require an extra set of hands to finish their book, in which case they need to hire a writer to do the work for them.

They Pander to Vanity

Being an author comes with a certain amount of prestige, and the urge to impress others.  People like the fact that they can tell their nearest and dearest that they've written a book.  Others may want to add an extra feather to their bow and give their career an extra shiny veneer, so writing a book can open lot's of doors to new opportunities that weren't there before.

They Do It For the Money

People invent new and inventive pen names to novels that are written by people that don't actually exist.  All of these novels are written by lots of ghostwriters to help 'Authors' stay on top of the search engine algorithm.  That in turn gives them continuous exposure, and helps them sell more books.

 So it's a win-win situation for all parties involved.

They Do It for Marketing and Promotion Purposes

Free ebooks are great marketing tools that are given out to valuable clients full of free advice.  You can also add newsletter articles, social media posts and blog posts into that category too.

Sometimes Social Interaction Needs a Real Writer

Ghostwriting isn't just about writing books, but also includes personal times and moments in people's lives that require speeches, or songs.  Both of these things can be written by professionals who know how to bring thoughts and feelings to the surface and make them sound beautiful.

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